8 Pairs of Comfortable Heels That Will Make You Want to Walk *Everywhere* for the Rest of the Summer

Photo: Stocksy/Sergey Filimonov
I am an avid sneaker wearer, and a person who hates to be even the slightest bit uncomfortable, so the thought of wearing heels in summer turns me into a human scream face emoji. The only thing worse than wearing painful heels is wearing painful heels while you are sweating uncontrollably. Who has time to deal with that stabby ball-of-your-foot pain from standing in high heels for too long while dealing with excess foot perspiration? Not I. No matter how pretty the shoes may be. It is a rare occasion where I think, gee it was a really good idea to ravage my feet for this dinner/date/day of work. Also, sweat plus open blisters equals stinging, and that just doesn't work for me.

But sometimes an outfit simply begs for a heel. I've even found myself, on occasion, longing to switch up my tried-and-true sneaks/sundress outfit combination, and pair my dresses with a heel instead. I'm just about five-foot-three-inches tall, so I always appreciate the height boost heels give me. And as much as it pains me to say this, sneakers are not always an appropriate footwear option. My point: there is a time and place for heels, and if we're going to wear them they shouldn't make us suffer.

So, yes, "comfortable" and "heels" are usually two things that repel each other, like oil and water or myself and an emotionally available significant other. But they don't actually have to be mutually exclusive—comfortable heels do exist, and I've found 8 pairs of them that are perfect for summer. (As for the emotionally available S.O.—or any S.O., really—feel free to send your thoughts and prayers.)

PSA: podiatrists say to live by these 5 rules for summer. And unexpected trend alert—wide leg yoga pants are making a comeback.

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