Ditch the Plastic Cutlery at Your Summer Bbqs for Target’s New Biodegradable Tableware

Photo: Getty Images/ Granger Wootz
Ah, summer. When we spend as much time as we can enjoying the great outdoors, while also creating a lot of waste by using single-use plates and utensils at cookouts and picnics. But, Target is here to save us from this paradox. The mega-retailer now carries plant-based, compostable tableware products from the eco-conscious organization World Centric.

The collection includes plates made from unbleached plant fibers, such as sugarcane, bamboo or wheat straw (read: not trees); cutlery and cold-liquid cups made from TPLA, a compostable, plant-based plastic; and hot-liquid cups made from FSC-certified paper with a plant-based bio lining. The products are now available online, and at 750 Target stores nationwide, per a press release.

Beyond eco-friendly flatware, World Centric partners with environmental and social organizations working towards a greener, more sustainable planet. The brand donates at least 25 percent of its net profit to support "grassroots global organizations and non-profits dedicated to reducing human suffering."

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