This Compression Sports Bra Doubles As a Shirt and It’s the Only Thing I Want to Work Out In

It feels like I've spent the better part of the past decade in a Goldilocks-style search for the perfect sports bra. I've tried dozens of them. Some are too flimsy. Others are too booby (AKA my cleavage pours out during spin class). A few are a combo of the two. But, until now, exactly none of them have been jussst right.

The Wolaco Walker Crop ($74) is, however, perfect. It's made of compression fabric, so it really holds my boobs in so that they don't bounce around during trampoline classes, but isn't so tight that it feels suffocating. It's high cut so that I can bend over my spin bike without having to worry about flashing the instructor, and long enough that I can wear it on its own (instead of with a shirt over it) and not feel wildly exposed.

All of this was no accident: The bra was thoughtfully designed to help women avoid any sort of "mid-burpee boob slips" as the brand puts it (my personal nightmare), and then some. The fabric is made from recycled yarn, and doubled for extra support so that you're not flopping around all over the place during your HIIT workout. It's also meant to be super breathable thanks to perforated fabric and a low-cut back, which means the boob sweat situation is far more manageable than with other sports bras on the market. It's also got an extra-strength elastic to hold it in place around your ribs, and I've literally never had to mess with it for any sort of mid-class adjustment. Plus, it happens to be really, really comfortable.

All of this is to say that this is, without a doubt, this is my favorite sports bra I've ever owned (and like I said, I've owned a lot of them over the years). It comes in size small to XXL, and according to the brand can fit up to size 38DD (though they'll be expanding their sizing to include 38DDD). Consider nip slips—and bouncing boobs—a thing of the far less well-dressed past.

compression crop top
Photo: Wolaco

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