6 Cordless Jump Ropes That Let You Get Your Heart Rate Up Without Worrying About Breaking S**t

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Despite being a piece of exercise equipment that children are able to master, jump ropes introduce some hurdles. First, you have to be in a spot with ample room. (The last thing you need is to accidentally break a lamp in the name of fitness.) Second, you have to be somewhat coordinated, or be willing to work on your coordination. Personally, I can't go more than 20 seconds on a jump rope without getting it caught, making it hard to even want to pick one up. Cordless jump ropes solve that issue.

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  • Joshua Vela, certified personal trainer and fitness director at Daily Burn

Yes, you read that correctly—you can jump rope without actually jumping over any rope. Cordless jump ropes consist of two handles that each have a short rope attached with a weighted ball at the end. So when you swing the handles, the ball moves around providing the feeling you get from jumping rope without actually stepping over a rope. This allows you to reap the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope without having to worry about the rope.

“The benefits of jumping rope for 10 minutes per day have been proven to be just as effective in terms of cardiovascular health and caloric expenditure as running for 30 minutes,” says Joshua Vela, a NASM-certified personal trainer with DailyBurn. "When done correctly, jumping rope can actually be lower impact on the joints than running. It’s a great way for runners to train on off days to build ankle stability and even prevent shin splints.”

Mitwell Ropeless Weighted Jump Rope — $16.00

This adorable set of cordless jump ropes from Mitwell is made with anti-slip padded handles and a solid rubber ball that simulates the real sense of jumping. It can has a double ball bearing and can rotate 360 degrees to make sure you have smooth rotations without any twisting. If you do decide you want to jump rope for real, this set also comes with a 9 foot-long jump rope that you can swap on whenever.

Aplugtek Weighted Ropeless Skipping Rope — $14.00

This cordless jumprope has balls on the end that weigh 230 grams, and the rope length can be adjusted. The handles are covered in memory foam that’s sweat-resistant, and there are stainless steel ball bearings inside so the rope rotates 360 degrees and at high speed. One reviewer said, “The handles have a good weight in your hand, the grip is nice, and they encourage me to focus on my jumps as if I had a real rope. I can easily get into cardio heart rate range… The cordless rope is a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to get some cardio in with limited space.”

Tangram SmartRope Rookie Donut — $55.00

If you love tracking your fitness metrics, this digital jump rope is perfect for you. You can track the number of circles you jump as well as set timers for interval training. If you and a friend both have the Smart Rope app, you can even compete in challenges together. Choose to use the cordless weights or the full rope. The handles come in blue, pink, coral, or black.

Redify Weighted Cordless Jump Rope
Redify Weighted Cordless Jump Rope — $16.00

If you’re looking for a lightweight option, this cordless jump rope is a good choice. It has light, silicone balls and removable weighted blocks in the handles. The handles have a soft grip, and the length of the rope is adjustable. One reviewer commented, “Great addition to your home gym and takes up very little space. For the uncoordinated this is the answer you’ve been looking for!! I have struggled with my speed rope and now I don’t worry about tripping or hitting anything.”

Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope
Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope — $13.00

With the weights in the handle, this jump rope weighs about 0.68 pounds. You can adjust the rope length and it also has smoothed steel tips and ball bearings to make sure your rope spins quickly to get your heart pumping. Said one reviewer, “I will gladly state that this product is worth both the time and money. Who’d knew that you could bust a mean sweat from 10 minutes of jumping a cordless rope. The item is sturdy and effective. The weights inside of the handles are just heavy enough to make your workout feel like you’re using the real deal.”

Te-Rich Cordless Jump Rope
Te-Rich Cordless Jump Rope — $18.00

Keep tabs on your stats with this jump rope, which has a LCD screen built into the handle to tell you how many calories you consume, how many jumps you make, and how long you’ve been jumping. It has short ropes with balls attached if you want to use it as a cordless rope, and also a longer rope you can attach if you want the full jump rope. One reviewer said, “It was crazy fun to start out without the rope, I could not believe how life-like it felt. I honestly did not notice I wasn’t jumping a real rope except for not tripping or having welts on my shins. It took seconds to put the rope on and the quality of the jump rope at that point was as good as anything you could buy from a sporting good store.”

Once your cordless jump rope arrives, use it to modify this workout by Amanda Kloots:

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