A Healthy Girl’s Guide to Shopping at Costco

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If you grew up going to Costco to stock up on Kraft Mac & Cheese with your parents, it might not be the most obvious choice for you when it come to wellness-oriented shopping. Still, you might be surprised what you can snatch up—and save money on, too—if you give Costco a chance to fulfill some of your healthy lifestyle needs. Especially now, as Costco has seriously upped their delivery game to compete with Amazon.

The big box shop is especially strong on pantry items and beauty products, but you may also be able to score a deal on some big-ticket fitness equipment or kitchen appliances. Below, some wellness-enabling scores spotted on the shelves for you to snatch up.

Shop the ultimate healthy Costco list below.


If you bake a lot, it might be worth buying some of these pricier-than-the-normal ingredients, like gluten-free flour (a single bag costs $16 on Jet) and coconut flour, in bulk here. They also carry Made In Nature snacks, which can't hurt to have in deep supply around the house (and when you buy in bulk you can save a ton of dough on these, a 5 oz bag is priced at $7, for instance).


Obviously if you're in the market for a piece of pricey exercise equipment, you'll want to compare costs, but initial recon suggests you'd be getting a deal by investing in these reformers and rowing machines from Costco. A typical reformer (minus the awesome trampoline feature which on its own costs $350) can still clock in around $2700 and these exact medicine balls are $10 more on some other stores and sites.


It's so refreshing to see natural beauty hitting mainstream markets, and Costco is no slouch in this department. There's major potential to save money, when you buy in bulk. For instance, a single bottle of The Seaweed Bath Company Shampoo can clock in at $13, while a solo bottle of Mother Dirt Cleanser can be $15. These are just a few of its all-natural beauty offerings—shop more here.

Costco isn't the only affordable retailer from which to shop wellness. Snag some natural beauty steals from Target, where prices on produce and other grocery items have also dropped

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