Cover FX’s New ‘Power Flex’ Mascara Stood Up to a Sweaty 92 Degree Day—And Still Looked Good

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If you’re looking for a mascara that checks all the important boxes (length, volume, and longevity), Cover FX just launched their very first mascara, the Power Flex, on August 4—and you're going to want to check it out. I’m pretty particular about my mascaras, so I decided to put this one through the ringer: a 92-degree LA day at the park, where I knew I’d likely be actively sweating, followed by an evening of catching up on White Lotus, which always makes me cry-laugh. Would this mascara survive these extremes? More importantly, would my lashes still look good? Scroll on, reader, and you shall find out.

Before I get into performance, I want to give you the 411 on the Power Flex and what makes it unique in the mascara market. First is its vegan formula: What normally gives lashes volume is beeswax, but this formula actually uses a vegan wax blend, so you can add body (aka, that thick fake lash effect) without using any animal byproduct. Second is the Moringa oil (you may have spotted this ingredient in your hair serums and shampoos). It’s an oil generally used in hair care, but in this formula, it hydrates lashes, as well as strengthens and lengthens them. And Power Flex uses sweat-proof polymers, which hold lashes in place.

power flex mascara
Cover FX Power Flex Mascara — $24.00

Meet Cover FX’s first mascara: It’s made with a vegan formula that offers full, long lashes that last all day. 11/10 would recommend.

Second: The brush. It’s unlike any I've seen before. A tiny bit alien-like, the brush is dual-sided and very bendy. One side features a double-rowed silicone comb that disperses the formula at the base, which creates volume. The other side, the fiber brush comb, works to lift lashes from the root and lengthen them. It took me a couple tries to apply just the way I wanted, but this seems to be the beauty of the Power Flex—it’s a “choose your own adventure” wand. Apply one way, and you’ll get a subtle “your lashes but better” effect. Apply another way, and you’ll get bold fringe that looks like falsies.

FYI: The application process is different from most mascaras and requires a little bit of finessing. If you want a natural look, use the fiber brush side and comb through with light zig-zags. Need a more dramatic application? Start with the comb side and apply root to tip and then switch to the fiber brush, zig-zagging from the base to the top of your lash. You can apply another coat if you wanna—the formula is super buildable.

cover fx mascara

Last Friday, I applied Power Flex in a more low-key fashion. I was going for more natural eye makeup for work, and I liked the end result. The formula elevated my natural lashes, and brightened my eyes without any heaviness. The next day, I attended a birthday party at the park (i.e. the ultimate test), walked my dogs afterward, and binged two episodes of very funny TV. The thicker, smoky application looked pronounced, and from 11 a.m. until nighttime, the mascara did. not. budge. But when I wanted to remove it, I just used my go-to cleanser, and it wiped right off.

Have I found my new favorite go-to mascara? I don’t see any reason why not—this one is definitely flexing.

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