This Next-Gen, Wipe-Off Cleanser Gives You Options When It Comes To Washing Your Face

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Washing your face is such an important part of a healthy skin-care routine, some pros will tell you to do it twice. In fact, the "double cleanse" has become a pertinent part of the skin conversation, and many of us—myself included—have come to rely on two steps (and, in effect, two products) for the sake of keeping our faces clean. But at a time when we're all trying to cut down our routines, dedicating this amount of time, money, and shelf space to the basic act of washing our faces feels pretty... extra. It was with that thought in mind that the team behind Cover FX set out to develop the brand's first-ever skin-care product: a "double cleanser" that comes in the form of a single, two-for-one formula.

Traditional double cleansing calls for a primary makeup removing step (which is usually done with an oil-based product or micellar water on a cotton pad), followed by a full lather and rinse to really clean out whatever dirt and impurities are lurking within your pores. But thanks to the revolutionary formula of Cover FX Future Perfect Water-Optional Cleanser ($32), it's able to function as both.

"It starts out as a liquid, but when it goes through the pump it turns into a foam that allows it to be used with or without water," says Nathalie Manivong, the brand's vice president of global omni-channel marketing. When you use it without water, for all intents and purposes, it acts as a makeup remover, removing even the most stubborn mascaras. When you lather it up with some good old-fashioned H2O, you're able to work it further into skin and get a deep cleanse.

Ingredients-wise, it's got vegetable-based amino acids that help to remove impurities without stripping your skin, plus hydrating grapefruit, cucumber, and chamomile, and soothing oat extract. Unlike other cleansers, which are designed to be washed off, the water-free version of this one is meant to be left on your skin. And this, says Manivong, comes with its own set of benefits. "We wanted to make sure that it would remove makeup without stripping away any of the elements that your skin barrier needs to stay protected," she says. "The oil extract will stay on your skin and really help it in the longterm, and there's a vegetable base that's going to protect your skin from environmental aggressors." This also means that the formula doesn't contain any harsh surfactants, which, when left on your complexion for too long, can provoke irritation.

Considering we're all looking for ways to save time, money, and shelf space, this product will help you cut down on unnecessary extra-ness in all three areas.

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