This $12 Eye-Brightening Mascara Promises To Make You Look More Awake—And Its Replaced My Luxury One for Good

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I am a total mascara snob. My strong opinions started long before my beauty editor days, and I’ve long been a loyalist to volumizing mascaras over lengthening ones to give my straight lashes some lift and draw attention away from the dark circles under my eyes. I've tried lots of tricks to make the most out of a single swipe of mascara—like using purple and burgundy to make my blue eyes pop—but I've always wondered if someone would make a "supercharged" mascara that lifted my lashes while also brightening the appearance of my undereye circles.

Enter: The COVERGIRL Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara in Ultramarine Black ($12), which infuses its black pigment with just a hint of ultramarine blue to make eyes look brighter and more awake. The secret color detailing in this $14 mascara has transformed my look so significantly that I've found myself running out the door without bothering to apply an eye cream—keep reading to find out how.

Covergirl, Lash Blast Cleantopia Ultramarine Black Mascara — $12.00


  • Affordable $10 price point Vegan formula Infused with nourishing ingredients like Aloe Leaf extract, ceramides and sustainably-sourced rainforest maracuja Oil Smudge and flake-proof Gentle formula Easily removable with warm water and a gentle cleanser For all lash types Ophthalmologically tested Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer Gives intense volume to lashes as promised  


  • It’s unclear if the blue pigment is proven to make all eye colors look more awake (For reference, I have blue eyes) Wired brush may not be everyone’s preference  

What is the COVERGIRL Lash Blast Cleantopia Ultramarine Mascara

COVERGIRL introduced the original Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara earlier this year, and added this new take on the product in October. The only difference with the latest formula is its color, which studies claim to make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. Considering I have the same complexion as Kelsey Ballerini, who serves as the face of the campaign (blonde hair and light eyes), I was eager to see if it would give me the same effect it gives to her.

As part of the COVERGIRL Clean line, Lash Blast Ultramarine is made from a 100 percent vegan formula. Its hero ingredients include aloe leaf extract, ceramides, and sustainably sourced rainforest maracuja oil, which work overtime to strengthen and condition lashes while the pigments deliver their brightening effects. Based on a clinical study conducted by the brand, the mascara volumizes lashes by more than 300 percent (!!!), and is gentle enough for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes.

My review

When I first opened the mascara, I was skeptical about the wired brush. While these formats are great for volume, I've historically found that they can lay mascara on pretty heavily if you have fine lashes (which I do). Because of this, I usually prefer a sillicone brush, as it gives me more control over how much product goes onto my lashes and it's easier to disperse and "comb" it through my lashes.

Additionally, I was shocked that you could actually see the blue tint within the formula when looking at the wand. I didn't think it would be so obvious, but the pigment had a bright navy shade straight out of the tube.

To give it a true test, I decided to test the COVERGIRL Lashblast Cleantopia Ultramarine Mascara on a freshly-washed face without any other makeup on—I wanted the mascara to speak for itself. When I put it on one I, there was a complete difference between my natural lashes and my mascara'd ones. Not only did they look more voluminous, but everything looked more listed and my eyes even looked a bit bigger.

After putting it on both eyes and comparing them to a mascara-free photo, it was clear that this mascara does exactly what it says it does. My eyes looked bigger and more awake, and it took some of the darkness away from my undereye circles. Though the mascara was evidently blue on the wand, it's not as noticeable once it's applied to the lashes. What's more, I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the wired wand. It spread the mascara evenly, and combed through my lashes to help separate them from each other.

For a $12 drugstore mascara, this formula is pretty awesome. Plus, it washes off with ease and keeps lashes plump and volumninous all day long. I’ve been a 10-year fan of the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara ($29) for its volumizing formula. But, this COVERGIRL mascara has earned its permanent spot in my makeup bag fair and square.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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