If You Want To Feel More Comfy in Your Space, Try Martha Stewart’s 3 Simple Golden Rules for Instant Homey Vibes

Photo: Stocksy/DZ Film, QVC, & W+G Creative
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What do cozy homes, delicious meals, gorgeous gardening, and a splash of Snoop Dog have in common? The GOAT of interior design herself, of course.

I’m talking about Martha Stewart—and, given my current rental-apartment-with-roomies life, I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately. Eight months after moving in, I’ve done a bit of decorating to make the space feel more like me, but it’s still missing that extra something. And who would know more about making a space feel like home than Martha? (That's rhetorical.)

So yes, I'm still floating after meeting Stewart at QVC's Q50 Summit spotlighting the Quintessential 50: a group of inspiring women who refuse to let society's notions about aging get in their way. Instead, they’re embracing their over-50 era as the “age of possibility”—swimming-pool selfies and all.

After I got over my initial awe of these trailblazers (and recovered from the shell-shock of speaking with *the* Martha Stewart), I got right to my most pressing question: How do I make my home, well, homier? My guess is that everyone wants that, so I won’t gatekeep her insights for creating a cozy home.

1. Grab an espresso machine

Stewart believes that there's nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Her favorite kitchen appliance is her Breville espresso machine, which churns out professional-grade cappuccinos, lattes, and more. After hearing this was a non-negotiable for her, I did some shopping myself and opted for a Nespresso, a slightly more budget-friendly, easy-to-use option (psst: it's nearly $80 off until May 14).

Snag one for your kitchen, and think of all the cozy mornings in your future with your favorite robe and a warm cup of joe.

2. Fill your home with pets

If you've been thinking about adding a new furry (or feathery) friend to your life, Stewart’s on board. Over the years, she's shared her home with cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, chickens, and peacocks. "Having that kind of liveliness around a place really does bring a certain amount of interest and uniqueness," she says.

My apartment isn’t pet-friendly, unfortunately, so I’ve had to get creative. Beyond petting every dog I meet on the street and FaceTiming my mom every day to see her pup, I’ve infused the animal theme into my space through prints and textures (aka comfy pillows as a stand-in for pet cuddles). If you’re in the same boat, consider cozifying your home with these accents.

3. Surround yourself with greenery

I stopped by a friend’s apartment recently and couldn’t believe her plethora of plants—she was practically operating a nursery out of her living room. Being there, I could feel how the lushness simultaneously energized her place and gave it a sense of calm.

The apartment-turned-greenhouse aesthetic falls right in line with Stewart’s recommendation to fill your home with greenery. "I can't live without plants," Stewart says. "We change up my plants every week." While I may not have a weekly plant budget, it's definitely doable for me to invest in some keepers—and tending to indoor flora can offer plenty of benefits, too.

So, despite having what you might call the opposite of a green thumb, I’m high-tailing it to Trader Joe’s to kick off my gardening era. Join me—it’s all for the homey vibes.

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