Yes, Eggs Are Healthy—Here Are 7 Delicious, Creative Ways to Eat Them That Don’t Involve Scrambles

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I'm going to go ahead and give my unsolicited opinion on a debate that's been raging for centuries: The egg came before the chicken. My reasoning isn't scientific; it comes down to the fact that the yummy yolks and whites that compose "nature's multivitamin" will always have the first-place spot in my heart for their unparalleled versatility.

Don't believe me? I'm about to show you that omelets, quiches, and scrambles aren't the only way to yolk an egg for all its worth. Below, you'll find eight creative egg recipes to teach you how to enjoy the ingredient's six grams of protein, good-for-your brain nutrients, and loads of antioxidants in ways you've never dreamed of. (Egg custard, gasp!).

8 healthy, creative egg recipes to add to your repertoire at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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1. Waffle iron omelets

After careful consideration, I've decided that I would like to eat everything in waffle form. If you're just dipping your toe in more creative ways to eat eggs, The Cozy Cook's recipe is a good place to start. Just make omelet batter as you usually would, pour it into your preheated and sprayed waffle iron, add your fillings, and wait for that incessant beeping.

banana and egg pancakes
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2. Banana eggs

Banana eggs have earned a very special place in my heart. Just combine your two of your pasture-raised pals with one smashed banana, throw it on a frying pan, and get ready for a weird—yet satisfying—breakfast.

creative egg recipes
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3. Whole Wheat Dutch baby

Dutch Babies—aka, "German oven pancakes"—come out of the oven looking and smelling golden. A slightly different riff on the normal, often sugary recipe, this one calls for whole wheat flour, vanilla, plenty of eggs, and only one tablespoon of sugar for the whole pancake.

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4. Instant Pot egg briyani

Curries don't have to use chicken or beef for their protein—you can make them at home with eggs for a vegetarian option. This recipe calls for yogurt for extra, extra protein and tons of delicious, cozy spices that will make you want to put your serving in a bowl and curl up on the couch.

creative egg recipes
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5. Vanilla egg protein custards

I'm here for a dessert that doesn't skimp on the protein, and that's exactly what you'll get with this recipe. This easy dessert is ready in about 40 minutes and comes out looking capital F "Fancy."

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6. Egg-in-a-hole

My dad used to make this for me as a kid, and years later, the recipe still hasn't lost its luster. Combine the recipe with a nutritious bread of your choice and you'll get satiating fiber as well as the protein from the eggs. Add avocado, tomato, or any of your other #adult toppings.

creative egg recipes
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7. Healthy egg muffins

"Egg muffin" sounds like a breakfast oxymoron, but—rejoice!—it's not. Similar to the waffle iron omelets, you simply pour egg and your fave fillers into muffin tins, tuck them away into the oven, and wait for your timer to go off.

Your FAQ on the nutritional profile of eggs: 

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