10 Retro-Fab Crewneck Sweatshirts to Transition Your Athleisure Into Spring

Photo: Instagram/@urbanoutfitters

When nonfreezing temperatures finally descend upon spring, many people get so excited that they jump the gun to bask in the slightly warmer weather by wearing tank tops and toe-freeing sandals. But once the initial ecstasy and joy surrounding the end of snow season passes, these eager spring beavers notice that it's still kind of chilly outside. This year though, current throwback style trends will help make the transition from sweater season to…spring-sweater season much more comfortable: That's right, the crewneck sweatshirts from your ’90s fever dreams are about to be your go-to third piece.

Perfect for your athleisure outfit or as your post-workout pullover, these crewnecks follow other ’90s style revivals (fanny packs, scrunchies) as spring's nostalgic and fashionable trend that will also play well with your entire leggings drawer. Or pair them with these sweatpants, which you can totally wear to work.

These crewneck sweatshirts will bolster your ’90s-inspired athleisure wardrobe.

Finish your look with a pair of embellished sneakers or with a pair of kicks from Alexa Chung's Superga collaboration.

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