This Portable Mini Crockpot Is the Perfect Lunch Go-To That Saves You Major Microwave Time (and Has Thousands of 5-Star Reviews)

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With kiddos going back to school and adults returning to adult school (aka, work), reheating lunch and meal prepping just got more time consuming. Rather than shaving precious minutes off of your lunch break, ditch the lines at the office cafeteria and have more time for munching with the Crockpot Electric Lunch Box ($38), aka, the Crockpot mini. It's a match made in heaven for lunch packers and slow-cooker aficionados alike.

Equipped with a warming base and a 20-ounce container, the Crockpot mini will keep your food nice and toasty all day long, be it filled with stews, soups, pasta, or casseroles. It comes with a cord—which has integrated storage at the bottom of the device—that you can plug into any outlet, allowing you to heat up your food no matter where you are. Also nice, it's crafted with an airtight lid and overhead handle, which means that your days of food spilling are officially dunzo.

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Seriously, it really doesn't spill, meaning you don't have to eat it in the break room and can savor warm meals on-the-go. In a video created by TikTok user @Ashlovescondiments, the creator is seen drinking soup from her Crockpot mini in the car, its small shape and portable design sitting atop her lap as she enjoys hot, hardy soup. So the days when you want to avoid long lines at the microwave and smalltalk in the cafeteria, so you can just grab your little Crockpot and go.

@Ashlovescondiments is only one of the thousands of customers who are saving major microwave time with this handy heated lunch pail—scroll through Amazon and find nearly 13,200 5-star ratings and 2,080 5-star reviews from happy, satiated shoppers.

One Amazon shopper says that the Crockpot mini is, "so simple to use and clean! I hate usin' the office microwave. I mean I love my coworkers, but I really don't love sharing their splattered lunches and who-knows-what in that microwave that rarely gets cleaned. This little gem solves the problem and lets me start from frozen as well."

Another Amazon customer says it was the best thing they ever purchased: "So after years of microwaving soup in a plastic container, I decided I'd rather cut down on all that lovely microplastic I put in my body. I found this little guy to replace that method. [It] comes with this seamless stainless steel heating bowl that's removable... It heats it up perfectly. I unplug it, wrap the cord around the base and carry the whole thing by its handle to my desk and eat right out of it. I use it every day. Oh yeah, the base doesn't get too hot on the outside either."

The mini Crockpot heats, thaws, and keeps food warm all day with just a plug. If you ask us, this on-the-go lunchbox will last years to come and is so worth the hype (it's sold out in three colors, btw). They're bound to sell out again, so don't miss your chance for quick, easy, and microwave-free lunches lunches all year long.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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