Raise Your Vibe With This Rose Quartz-Inspired Yoga Mat

Photo: Society6
Yoga mat envy is real. Every time I take a class, I'm always amazed by all the different options. The basic colors get the job done, but vibrant designs are just asking for an Instagram photo shoot, especially those that are essentially pieces of art, with bold patterns fit for museum walls. Of all the options, one thing's for sure: There's nothing more high-vibe than a crystal-inspired yoga mat.

Society6 partnered with the lifestyle brand How You Glow to create some of the prettiest special edition yoga mats in the world. The collection launches Wednesday, March 27, featuring two mats designed by artist Alja Horvat ($39). While one soothes with a stunning sunset design, the other was inspired by the rose quartz, a crystal that channels love and positive energy.

crystal yoga mat
Photo: Society6

If you're not into bringing your rose quartz with you to your next yoga class, this mat is the next best thing. Every time you glance at it during downward dog, you're sure to experience a burst of happiness. Anyone lucky enough to pose next to you is bound to feel it, too.

Now that you have a brand-new yoga mat, you've gotta learn some new poses. First, try these free at-home workouts from the top yoga instructors on YouTube. Then, memorize these poses to help balance yourself out.

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