9 Laundry Hampers That’ll Make Your Dirty Duds Look High Design

Photo: Unsplash/Sarah Dorweiler
The most aesthetically-challenged decor items in a given home sanctuary tend to center upon receptacles for other stuff, namely garbage and dirty clothes. Personally, I've been rocking that formless laundry-sack situation for longer than my post-undergraduate life should allow, and it ain't cute. (But, to be fair, I might not be a bona fide adult quite yet, scientifically speaking.)

Not only is the basic laundry bag a total design eyesore, but it also doesn't fit in with the Wabi Sabi decor trend I'm trying to emulate this year. That Japanese worldview praises the perfectly imperfect. Laundry sacks? Just imperfect.

So, how exactly do you conceal your haul of sweaty, smelly gym clothes in a way that is both functional and fashionable? A cute hamper, duh! Rounded up are eight options that mesh well with any aesthetic—and that you won't be scurrying to hide the minute the doorbell rings.

And, pro tip: This essential-oil hack to conceal the stench of your garbage could totally do wonders for your dirty duds, too.

See your chic laundry hamper options below.

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