How To Make Delicious, Dairy-Free Ice Cream at Home With Just 3 Cheap Ingredients

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Growing up, I begged my parents for an ice cream social birthday party. But alas, my 'rents are cake people and my dreams never came true. So as an "adult," I now make a point of throwing myself ice cream parties whenever I please. And thus, obviously, when Alt-Baking Bootcamp host, nutritionist, and chef Mia Rigden shared the scoop on a DIY flavor that comes together with just three mouthwatering and nutritious ingredients, my inner-child practically started throwing sprinkles.

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  • Mia Rigden, chef, nutritionist, and the founder of RASA, a company specializing in individualized nutrition programs

The three components of Rigden's dairy-free ice cream recipe are frozen bananas, dark chocolate chips, and peanut butter. (Yes, that's it!) The starring ingredient, as Rigden explains, are the frozen bananas—which add both sweetness and texture to the creamy dessert. The affordable yellow fruit receives a lot of praise for its potassium (just one contains 11 percent of your daily recommended value), but it also packs three grams of fiber and 78 milligrams of calcium per serving. That's a pretty impressive nutritional profile for a piece of produce that will only set you back about 57 cents a pop.

The peanut butter and chocolate have a lot to offer your sundae, too. Unsweetened, natural peanut butter rings up at about $3 for a whole jar and includes the healthy monounsaturated fats that help lower your "bad" or LDL cholesterol levels. You'll also get a full 6 grams of protein in each two-tablespoon serving, so consider this ice cream an energy boost whenever you need it. And last, but certainly never least, are the dark chocolate chips, which offer a nice, chunky texture to this otherwise-smooth recipe. The cocoa beans health benefits abound: It's been shown to fight heart disease, provide your body with flavanols that may reduce your risk of diabetes, and reduce inflammation. (Chocolate for president!)

This healthy, scoopable recipe comes together in just a few minutes (although you will have to freeze the bananas for at least two hours beforehand). So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch the full video for the dairy-free ice cream recipe that will make the rest of your summer so much better. You can't hear me, but I'm screaming.

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