The Products That Damaris Lewis Uses Every Day, Including One to Battle Puffy Eyes

Her VIPs (very important products) revealed.

You know those skin-care and beauty products that you use until the very last drop? The ones that you’ve spent entire brunches/text threads/email chains, telling your friends about? They’re the best of the best…so amazing that you’d never risk putting them in a piece of checked luggage. At Well+Good, we call those our Beauty VIPs (you know, Very Important Products). In this series, we ask women in wellness and the public eye what beauty products they use every single day and why—with an entire Internet of options to choose from—these items stand out.

There are people who you can sum up rather quicklyactress, influencer, moguland then there are people like Damaris Lewis whose titles require a lot of hyphens. She got her start as a dancer in high school, but was quickly scouted as a model; then, she became Prince’s muse (NBD); and now she’s introducing a totally bespoke candle line called Gorudo.

So, when I caught up with the dancer-model-muse-entrepreneur (see?) to hear about the products that get her through the day, I expected to get a mile-long list to counter her multi-faceted and decidedly busy schedule. Instead, she presented me with a very streamlined regimen that emphasizes self care and beauty from the inside out, including a nightly ritual that centers around sipping a ginger tea, which stems from her Caribbean heritage.

"Having those daily reminders that you're real and you're present are great for the soul."

"Oftentimes, I feel like we give up the little luxuries that we love," says Lewis. "It's important to have those daily things that bring you joy, especially with everything that's going on. Having those daily reminders that you're real and you're present are great for the soul."

In the name of rituals, I ask Lewis for the products that she uses without fail, and she enchantingly lulls me with tales of the potions that makes her skin beam. Here, the picks of a superstar.

Keep reading to see the products that Lewis can’t live without.

damaris lewis beauty obsessions
Photo: Lauren Napier

1. Lauren Napier Facial Cleansing Wipes, $20 for 15

"Lauren Napier created a hypoallergenic wipe to remove makeup or just refresh your face. They’re individually packaged in this nice black packaging, so I'll always throw that in my bag. If I’m not making my own remover wipes, she’s my go-to. I use them every day if I have makeup on."

Damaris Lewis
Photo: Target

2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime eyeliner, $7

"I love wearing no-makeup makeup, which means not doing much to my skin in terms of foundation or powder. Just a small swipe of this eyeliner turns me into a cat instantly when I put it on, and I forget that I barely have on makeup. A great eyeliner is a staple in my bag."


damaris lewis beauty obsessions
Photo: Edible Beauty

3. Edible Beauty Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil, $52

"There's a company called Edible Beauty out of Australia—I had never heard of them before until recently. I've been using their snowflower oil and I'm obsessed. It really works on my skin," she says. "I’m always on a plane, [which is super-dehydrating], and I've been working hard to center my life around things that look good and feel good."

damaris lewis beauty obsessions
Photo: Skyn Iceland

4. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, $15

"Skyn Iceland’s under-eye patches have changed my life. It's definitely a ritual of mine that I can't go without when I need a pick-me-up. I had a stye one day when I got off of a plane and I used these eye gels and—no kidding—they got rid of it. They're a godsend. When I put them on, there's a little bit of a cooling sensation so they definitely make you feel better when you have puffy eyes."

damaris lewis beauty obsessions
Photo: Lash Star

5. Lash Star Beauty Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara, $35

"I love this mascara because most of the time I don't feel like putting on false lashes,  and this mascara has truly been the best I’ve found to perk my lashes up. It has a two-wand system that gives my lashes form then volume, and it doesn't take long for the final wide-eyed look to be achieved—which is great if you're on the go."

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