Dame Just Launched a Curved Vibrator That’ll Make Your G-Spot Orgasm Dreams Come True

Photo: Dame

Dame Products' co-founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman are on our list of wellness Changemakers for a number of reasons, and the company's just-launched, easy-to-use, innovative sex toy provides even more evidence. The Dame Arc ($115) is the brand's first G-spot-targeting sex toy, and it’s about to add potential for exploration and satisfaction to your pleasure game.

The Arc, which comes in either berry pink or ice blue, looks like many wand vibrators currently available on the market upon first glance, but then you see its curved, soft-but-firm ridged tip and realize this actually isn't your average toy. It's an external and internal vibrator with a design that's ideal for tapping that famously-tough-to-reach G-spot, which is located approximately a few inches deep on the front (or top) wall of the vagina.

And while the Arc certainly does optimize for G-spot stimulation, its goal isn't to abandon the joy that a clitoral-focused external vibrator offers. Rather, the Arc is simply expanding on those pleasure possibilities. By surveying 1,000 members of its Dame Labs product research community, the brand found that 72 percent of vulva-owners report that they enjoy using internal toys for both clitoral and G-spot pleasure, thus calling for the innovation that ultimately became the Arc.

With an easy-to-grip handle that allows you to really get creative with your positioning for stimulating your G-spot (or pretty much any erogenous zone that intrigues), the Arc lends itself to rocking, nestling, rotating and doing the old in-and-out. And hey, with five vibrating patterns and five levels of vibration intensity, you’re going to find a lot of different ways to play.

"Arc is really perfect for exploration, which in turn gives vulva-owners the tools to find and articulate what they really like." —Alexandra Fine, Dame co-founder and CEO

Fine, Dame's co-founder and CEO, who is also a sexologist, says the Arc's strength is in its versatility. "You can use Arc's pointed-yet-squishy ridge for more targeted clitoral stimulation, and then slide it inside you to target your G-spot, thanks to its curved design," she says. "Arc is really perfect for exploration, which in turn gives vulva-owners the tools to find and articulate what they really like."

In terms of what sets it apart design-wise, the Arc takes some notes from the beloved flexible handheld vibrator, the Pom. Dame Labs research found that customers love the Pom's squishy texture and its beaked ridge, specifically for clitoral stimulation. The Arc mimics that squish, and its ridge can both be used for clitoral stimulation and that classic, "come hither" motion that makes accessing the G-spot much simpler.

So, at long last, if you put the Dame Arc in action, does it actually provide the thrills you're looking for? A lady never tells. ...But I'm not much of lady, so I’ll tell you this about my experience with the Arc: The special thing about it is how it literally curves and allows you to play with negative space. So, yes, you're going to want to take yourself out of your comfort zone to explore and be the Indiana Jones of Pleasure with this toy. As Fine says, the idea is to find your spot, and Arc can help you with the pressures, strokes, and angles that work for you.

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