The Just-Released Dame Com Doesn’t Look (or Feel) Like Any Other Wand Vibrator

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Wand vibrators may win the most ubiquitous type of sex toy, along with claiming first place in power rankings. (Hello, Hitachi Magic Wand, you powerhouse, you.) But as a person who prefers buzzier, more targeted stimulation, for me, these often larger, rumbly toys have long been akin to how I feel about sharks or pretty women in suits: something I appreciate from afar.

Still, I never turn down the opportunity to try a new sex toy—especially a sex toy made by a brand that has a history of bringing me quality orgasms. So when Dame Products, the female-founded sex toy company that recently settled a lawsuit against MTA allowing them to buy and run subway adds, sent me its recently released wand Com vibrator, I gave it whirl.

Clocking in at $125, the Dame Com is pronounced like the thing it’s designed to make you do: cum. And design-wise, the brand's twist on the classic wand looks similar to many other vibrators of this type on the market—aside from one exception, that is: It has a mid-handle crook. Available in pastel pink (quartz) and light purple (periwinkle), this toy looks like how you’d expect someone to feel after being totally bent out of shape in a fit of pleasure.

Dame Com

Odd-looking as it may be, in practice, the bend proves handy. The ergonomic design allows for easy reaching around the belly and pubic mound in order to stimulate harder-to-reach erogenous zones. It also allows folks to more-easily pleasure their partner. With the help of Dame Com, for example, the clit becomes much easier to target from behind during the spooning position.

The ergonomic design allows for easy reaching around the belly and pubic mound in order to stimulate harder-to-reach erogenous zones.

Also noteworthy about this vibrator is its heft. Dame Products, generally, are known for their lightweight engineering. The featherlight weight of its G-spot stimulator, the Arc, for example, is that toy's most noteworthy feature. The palm vibrator, Pom, and air pulsator, Aer, are also light as, well, air. But due to the size and larger motor, most wand vibrators are heavy. So, I was skeptical that Dame would be able to make a lightweight wand. When I held Com, though, I realized my doubt was misplaced.

Weighing in at under 10 ounces, the Dame Com is half the weight of many other popular wand vibrators. The benefit of this feature is that it allows for enjoying it as long as your schedule (not just your forearm muscles) allows. (At its highest intensity, the Dame Com stays charged for an hour). The weight of this toy also makes it more accessible than other wand vibrators on the market to people with hand and wrist immobility or strength deficiencies.

As for how it actually feels while in use? Dame claims Com is its most intense vibrator, and while it does offer deeper vibrational quality compared to the brand's smaller toys (thanks, bigger motor), Com’s vibrational quality is buzzier and less intense than competitor wands like the Le Wand, Hitachi, and We-Vibe Wand. Respectfully, if you’re someone who plugs their time-tested Hitachi into the wall every time they want to blast off, this vibrator isn’t for you.

That said, for folks like me who aren't power hunters, wand vibrators’ usual intensity may be a drawback. (Too much intensity causes my clit to literally turtle into itself—pass). This makes Dame's Com a win. When I tried it, I first cycled through Com’s five settings, settling on number two. I added a dollop of oil-based lube, then pressed the rounded microphone-esque head against my bits and let Com earn its namesake… which it did in four minutes flat.

The second time I tried it—10 seconds later—I angled Com so the edge where the head melts into the handle made love to me. I enjoy targeted stimulation and am willing to get creative with how I got it. My second O was actually stronger than the first. Love that for me!

All in all, Com passed my at-home test with flying colors. I’d readily recommend this new launch to anyone who enjoys low-to-moderate-intensity vibrators and is interested in receiving that sensation via a wand shape. Its versatility and shape also make Com a better option for any couples looking for a beginner-friendly couples vibrator than any other wand vibrator on the market. Plus, while $125 may sound like a steep price, it's actually around $50 to $75 cheaper than a great many luxury vibrators. Dreams do, indeed, Com true.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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