I Love This Egg Maker so Much (and It’s Chrissy Teigen-Approved, so That’s Extra Great)

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When I was growing up, my dad—who is quite the chef—repeated one mantra about a well-stocked kitchen: Any single-use appliance is a complete-garbage-waste-of-space. What's really valuable, he believed (and still does) are Swiss army-type inventions like pots, pans, and knives that can tackle dozens upon dozens of tasks.

So what did I do as a pretty lame form of teenage rebellion? I bought a pasta-maker, of course! And then when I wanted things to get v-gourmet, I added a ravioli-maker to the mix! These two items are now gathering dust in my family's kitchen in Charleston (so sorry, dad), but I've found a new single-use appliance to obsess over.

Behold, the Dash Egg Cooker ($19), which comes in Tiffany blue and can scramble, poach, hard-boil, and even dish out a mini-omelet at your beck and call. The contraption has four-and-a-half stars on Amazon, and Chrissy Teigen has even admitted to giving a similar version to her friends as a gag gift. But let me tell you—I received this as an actual gift from my old boss, and this tiny machine is no laughing matter.

When you're meal-prepping, the gizmo can whip out half a dozen salad-topping eggs in less than 10 minutes. When you need a quick breakfast on the go, the Dash comes in hot with protein-packed options. And when you're attempting to impress someone with your cooking prowess, you can gift them a carton of already-boiled eggs. (Okay, so that last one's a reach. But I personally would be flattered.) And better yet, I never have the #struggles peeling them that my father so often complains about when using his OG boiling method.

I've now owned the gadget for over three years, and it's never, ever failed me. Like swapping in a trusty mini-van for a Porsche at the dealership though, I've considered replacing the mighty machine for a newer, shinier version. The company now offers a two-tiered option ($30) that can take on a dozen eggs at once and another ($28) that steams veggies along with the eggs. (The possibilities!)

Eggs-tra? Maybe, but I'm okay with it.

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