This In-Shower ‘Liquid Hair’ Treatment Made My Hair Silky Soft and Mirror-Finish Shiny In 20 Seconds Flat

Photo: Stocksy/Irina Efremova
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If you’re anything like me, you’re on a constant quest for glossy strands. Despite having pretty healthy hair, I’ve struggled to find the right formula that leaves it looking like a Y2K Pantene ad. However, after a chat with my stylist (and a new product!) over the weekend, I can safely put that quest to rest… I’ve found glass hair in a bottle.

I won’t gatekeep this shiny hair shortcut: It’s Davines Oi Liquid Luster Hair Shine Treatment ($50). The Italian brand has always been a favorite of mine, but I had yet to discover this lightning-speed leave-in treatment that’s usually reserved for much pricier salon visits.

After one — I repeat, one —20-second treatment, I saw literal instant results. I cannot underscore this enough. Just by feel alone, I knew it had worked: My hair was light, smooth, slick, and silk-like. As it dried, it was softer than it’s been in months and sooo glossy. This Italian magic mane elixir is pure sorcery, so you can go ahead and say arrivederci to winter frizz and dull tresses.

Photo: Ashen Salon

Though the formula is lightweight and looks like beautifully-bottled water, its star ingredient is actually an oil. Roucou oil, which is rich in vitamin A and selenium, protects the hair from environmental damage. There are also AHAs in the mix, which clear away dirt and debris without messing with the hair's moisture levels, plus cardoon extract to deliver a mirror-shine finish.

The product is meant to be used as a treatment between your shampooing and conditioning steps. Once you've lathered and rinsed, simply apply the OI Liquid Luster on your lengths and ends until the hair is completely saturated. Wait 20 seconds (feel free to use this time to give yourself a scalp massage), then rinse and condition as normal. That's it!

If you have medium to short hair, one bottle will give you roughly 15 treatments, and if you have longer hair you’ll go through it twice as fast (seven to eight treatments, roughly). There are markers on the back of the bottle so you can measure each ‘dose.’ At $50, the price tag may feel steep, but keep in mind that it's significantly more affordable than getting a shine or gloss treatment at the salon.

Of note: I’ve tried some (otherwise great) "shine" treatments thinking I had thick hair, but it turns out I just have high-density fine hair (aka a lot of very thin strands). If you're in the same boat and leave-in formulas weigh down your hair without giving you megawatt shine, those could simply be too heavy for your hair type. And in that case, this translucent potion is ready for ya.

Lastly, it’s pretty heavily perfumed in the signature Oi scent. If you like that scent, yay for you. If you are planning on wearing a different fragrance or just don’t want to smell like Oi all day, I’d recommend treating your hair before bed. Liquid hair, here you come.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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