7 WFH Pajama Sets to Trick Your Co-Workers Into Thinking You Actually Got Dressed Today

The concept of "daytime pajamas" is an oxymoron. But at a time when we're all pretty much wearing pajamas 24 hours a day, seven days a week (just me?), the concept of changing from your daytime PJs into your nighttime ones has never felt more relatable. But as those of us who have committed to this lifestyle know, there is a difference—namely, that one  can pass as work appropriate and the other, well, can't.

Considering pajamas-as-outerwear has been a trend for a while now (I actually have worn pajama shirts into my actual office), finding pieces that won't have people asking, "Wait, are you wearing your pajamas?" on your next Zoom call is easier than ever. But there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to trick people into thinking your sleepwear is actually office appropriate. Opt for a more structured material and stick with elevated prints. A collar will work wonders when it comes to making your coworkers believe you actually got up and got dressed, as well anything with a statement sleeve.

We rounded up seven pajama sets that fit the bill, each of which could just as easily be styled and worn outside of the house as it could to work on your bed. Or, ya know, just to bed in general.

Printfresh Sunrise Embroidered Short Sleep Set, $116

Photo: Printfresh

Remember the pajama shirt I mentioned that I've worn to work? Well, this is it. And for what it's worth, it pairs just as well with a pair of boyfriend jeans and sandals as it does with its matching sleep shorts.

Sleeper Black Tie PJ Set With Feathers, $320

Photo: Sleeper

Considering this set is called the "black tie," (and I've actually seen people on Instagram wearing it to fancy events), it's more than appropriate for a Monday morning Zoom call. Plus, nothing adds a little excitement to your quarantine like dressing up in feather-lined pajamas.

Donna Karan Striped Short Sleepshirt, $51

Photo: Donna Karan

Pants have always been optional in quarantine, but never more so than with this sleep shirt, that will make you feel fancy (it's basically a sundress!) while also being ready to hop into bed at any moment.

Uniqlo Women's Joy of Print Soft Stretch Pajamas, $30

Photo: Uniqlo

Brighten your day (and the day of anyone lucky enough to see your PJs on a zoom call) with a fun print, like this one. It's a great alternative to the black leggings and grey sweatpants you've been alternating between for the last month or so.

Summersalt the Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set, $95

Photo: Summersalt

I'll break my "structured material" rule for this silky set (and this set only), because of the bold print alone. And the best part? Once quarantine is over, you can split the pieces up and use them to create some comfy new real-life outfits.

Serena and Lily Positano Linen Pajamas, $128

Photo: Serena and Lily

Chambray is about as classic as it gets, and this set would look just as at home on the Italian Coast as it would in your WFH office (er, couch). It's light and breezy, which means you'll want to wear it all summer long, wherever you are.

Bedhead Pajamas Stripe Cotton Short Pajamas, $114

Photo: Bedhead

You can't go wrong with crisp, classic white pajamas. Pair this set with a pair of cute statement earrings (here are some of our faves from Amazon) and you'll feel more ready for the world than you have in weeks.

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