Ditch Your Gel Mani for ‘Dazzle Dry,’ a Better-for-Nails Polish That Dries in 5 Minutes and Won’t Chip for a Full Week

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A few months ago, I got the chance to spend a few days at Canyon Ranch spa in Lennox, Massachusetts. I got fabulous facials and amazing massages, but the service that stood out the most was the pedicure. It was hands down the best pedicure I've ever had. My super smart and kind technician introduced me to Dazzle Dry, a line of nail polish designed to dry fast, last long, and keep your nails healthy.

"Dazzle Dry was created by a biochemist who wanted to create products that were really clean but effective," says Sam Cooper, the director of spa, fitness, and beauty for Canyon Ranch resorts. "It doesn't have any of like the nasty ingredients [that are often in nail polish]. There's no toluene, no formaldehyde, or nitrocellulose, which is what makes nails yellow."

In addition to weakening the nails over time, ingredients in certain polishes can also cause an allergic reaction on the skin around the nails or even under the eyes, if you rub them often. While the ingredient list is what drew Canyon Ranch to Dazzle Dry, the performance is what hooked them—the four-step system has just a five-minute dry time and will stay chip-free for at least seven days.

"It hits every box. I'm surprised, to be honest, that it's not the go-to for pretty much every spa salon," says Cooper.

When I got my pedicure, I loved that Dazzle Dry had tons of pretty polishes to choose from—I picked Ocean Motion ($22), a periwinkle blue. My nail technician assured me that I'd be dry in five minutes but to give it 15 minutes before getting in water just to be on the safe side. My nails were dry to the touch before I even got out of the chair, no UV light required.

"Dazzle Dry is our go-to," says Cooper. "We always keep other polish brands on hand just because there are some beautiful lines out there. But all of our guests, the minute they tried the Dazzle Dry, they just like, 'Nope, that's all I want.'"

Learn more about the Dazzle Dry System below

Dazzle Dry Mini Kit 4 Step System
Dazzle Dry Mini Kit 4 Step System — $38.00

This four-step set comes with everything you need to get started.

How to apply Dazzle Dry

Applying Dazzle Dry is pretty similar to applying regular polish—but note that it's meant to be used as a four-step system, meaning that Dazzle Dry's polish only works its magic when it's used alongside other Dazzle Dry products.

Start by cleansing your nails with the brand's Nail Prep solution, which removes oils and other debris that hinder polish adhesion while infusing the nail with moisture and vitamins to strengthen them and keep them flexible. Then, apply two layers of the Dazzle Dry Base Coat to each nail, allowing each coat to dry matte. Now it's time for the color. Apply two layers of Lacquer to each nail, allowing each coat to dry matte in between. Finish off with one layer of the brand's Top Coat, let that dry for five minutes, and you're done!

Maintaining your polish

Like many polishes, Dazzle Dry may dry out in the bottle and get thick with time. If you notice the base coat getting cloudy, stand the bottle in one inch of hot water until the product becomes clear. For the color and top coat, you can use Revive, which is a product that's included in the starter kit. Just add six to eight drops of Revive to full-size bottles and three to five drops for mini bottles (or more, if necessary).

Exploring the colors

Dazzle Dry is available in over 160 stunning colors. You can buy full-size bottles for $22 or flights that include five mini lacquer bottles for $44. Shop a few flights below.

A set of five mini Dazzle Dry nail polishes.
Dazzle Dry Mini Flight — Coronado — $44.00

This flight of nail polish is perfect if you go for pinks and purples. It includes Paparazzi Pink, a cool dusty pink with purple undertones; Yoga Mama, a light chalky bubblegum pink; Raspberry Créme, a light raspberry milkshake; Heart of Fire, a bright pink; and Sultry Samba, a medium plum purple.

A set of five mini Dazzle Dry nail polishes.
Dazzle Dry Mini Flight — Hamptons — $44.00

The Hamptons set is perfect if you like to really switch up the colors you wear. It includes Smitten, a pale almond with warm undertones; Sentimental, an oatmeal nude with gray undertones; Faith, a cool, pastel lavender with gray undertones; Day Dreaming, a nude mauve with shimmer dusting; and Mesmerize, a copper base with green to brown color shifts.

A set of five mini Dazzle Dry nail polishes.
Dazzle Dry Mini Flight — Laguna — $44.00

If you gravitate toward cool-toned polishes, grab the Laguna set. It includes Silver Lamé, a metallic galvanized steel; Mystic Blue, a dark, indigo denim blue with purple undertones; Fine China, a simple and clean, milky white; Aegean Cruise, a cool, light blue with silver undertones; and Bold, a dark gunmetal grayish black.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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