This $12 Hack Will Make Your Underwear Drawer Smell as Fresh as Daisies

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We've reached the time of year when closets undergo their annual overhaul in the name of spring cleaning. While you may have already decided to donate the tube top that you haven't worn since high school and the bike shorts that give you a camel toe every time you take a step, it's worth taking some time to give your underwear drawer the same sort of refresh, too. Say goodbye to anything that's got holes, stains, or mysterious odors that just won't quit, and use it as an excuse to trade up for something that will make you feel like your sexiest (or at least, your most comfortable) self every time you put them on. And while you're in the process of upgrading this oft-forgotten section of your wardrobe, consider popping one of Dedcool's new air fresheners into the drawer, which are a far cry from the potpourri your mom and grandma used to swear by.

Styled after traditional car air fresheners, these little pieces of scented cardboard add an injection of fragrance into every corner of your home. You can put them in your underwear drawer, your shoe cabinet, your closet—really, anywhere—and it will make it feel like the entire environment has been spritzed in perfume. They're also great for hanging on the mirror in your car, and make for a much cooler conversation piece (and better smell) than the old pine-tree shaped one that's been hanging up there for a decade.

The air fresheners come in three scents: Taunt, which combines bergamot, amber, fresh dew, and vanilla to give you what one editor calls "a nose orgasm," Blonde, which is best described as a woodsy rose with hints of saffron, and 02, which offers the musky, masculine scents of sandalwood and juniper. The fragrances from the cards are strong enough to be evident but not so strong that they're overpowering, and are perfect for adding to any small space where a candle or diffuser doesn't quite make sense. At $12 a pop, you'll want to add them to every drawer, nook, and cranny in your home, where you'll be greeted with an instant mood boost every time you inhale.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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