I Tried This Status-y, Internet-Beloved $35 Laundry Detergent—And Here’s Why I Think It’s Totally Worth It

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I promise I’m not normally this bougie, but I’m now a ~fancy~ laundry detergent convert. As an unabashed fragrance lover who goes absolutely feral over perfume, scented candles, room sprays, and the like, perfume-scented laundry detergent is frankly the step we all knew was coming.

While fancy laundry detergents aren’t new—The Laundress launched $50 detergents in Le Labo fragrances back in 2014 (though they were recalled late last year), I could never justify dropping the cash. That was until I tried the Dedtergent ($35) by Dedcool. The LA brand has been crafting genderless (and waterless) fragrances with vegan ingredients and organic extracts since 2016—and the laundry detergent, cleverly named “Dedtergent,” was its answer to customer pleas for more ways to experience Dedcool fragrances. And they sure delivered.

dedcool dedtergent in a laundry basket
Dedcool, Milk Dedtergent — $35.00

The lightest of Dedcool’s fragrances, the Milk Dedtergent features a blend of bergamot, white musk, and amber notes for a clean yet warm aroma.

About Dedtergent

The Dedtergent comes in four scents, all inspired by the mesmerizing aromas in its perfume lineup: 01 “Taunt,” 05 “Spring,” Red Dakota, and Milk—one of the brand’s top-selling fragrances (and the one I’m reviewing here). It's packaged in a 32 fl oz. tin (that looks great on your shelf I might add), can be used for up to 60 washes, and is fully refillable—you can buy a three pound refill pouch for $50 bucks on the Dedcool site. Even better than the cool tin, Dedtergent has a biodegradable formula that’s planet and people-friendly, and features coconut-derived surfactants to gently (but effectively) clean. Dedtergent works wonders for hand-washing delicate items and can be used on virtually any and all clothes and home linens—from your undies and jeans to bed sheets and towels.

While fancy, perfume-scented laundry detergent might sound like a sensory overload at first, the Dedcool laundry detergent is made to leave a soft scent behind, so you get the mood-boosting essence of your favorite perfumes without the heady, overwhelming aroma. Dedcool notes the “strength” of its fragrances on every detergent too, so you know exactly what to expect.

The Review

It has a clean, comforting scent

I already adore Dedcool’s Milk fragrance—a light, layerable scent that mixes with your unique body chemistry (and enhances the brand’s other perfumes) to create a soft, skin-like aroma that smells a little different on everyone—so I knew the Milk Dedtergent would be the one for me. Lo and behold, the Milk Dedtergent captures the same indescribably clean scent that is the original Milk in spades, with notes of bergamot, white musk, and amber. Claiming to smell “like you, but better,” Milk Dedtergent’s warm, clean but mellow scent is hard to pin down, but unmistakably delicious. And the best part is, you only need a little to smell Milk on your clothes, so the 32 oz tin will last you much longer than you think.

It actually outperforms my old detergent

Beyond the incredible scent, the Dedtergent actually does a fantastic job of cleaning my clothes and linens, outperforming my old laundry detergent. It brought my sweatiest activewear to its clean, pre-workout glory, gave my absurd collection of T-shirts a brightness boost, and made my bath towels smell so good, I now require a solid 15-20 seconds post shower to bury my face into my towel for some blissful deep inhales.

Even more telling, my husband (who has never had opinions about our laundry detergent) is super into it. “It smells like a fancy hotel, but even better,” he told me. It’s that good. And a convenient bonus: it completely eliminated the need for a separate fabric softener, thanks to its lasting fragrance and effective (but gentle) clean. “It’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, and I can’t stop smelling my clothes,” wrote one happy Dedcool customer in a 5-star review.

It makes my bed more inviting than ever

But if you’re going to use Dedtergent on anything, please use it to wash your bed sheets. Everyone knows that scent can have a profound impact on your mood, and let me tell you that there is truly nothing better than wrapping yourself up in Milk-scented sheets.  The soft and warm scent totally calms my mood and helps me wind down before bed. Couples therapists have even said that new sheets can improve your sex-drive by appealing to your sense of touch; so if you’re a fragrance-head like me, catering to your sense of smell with a luxe laundry fragrance could spice things up, too.

Between the sustainable packaging, gentle, eco-friendly formula, and the comforting, high-end fragrance—the Dedcool laundry detergent single-handedly made me love laundry day. Snag a tin for yourself or try a mini size for $14 bucks on the Dedcool site.

For even more good smells...

dedcool milk linen spray on a red table
Dedcool, Milk Room + Linen Spray — $40.00

If you really want to bathe in Milk, do yourself a favor and get the matching room and linen spray. It brings the soft, skin-like goodness that is Dedcool’s Milk to any room in the house.

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