Deodorant Wipes Saved Me From B.O. (and a Miles-Long Gym Shower Line)

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As a fitness editor, squeezing workouts into my schedule is quite literally a full-time job. Which means there isn't always time to shower between a spin class and a morning meeting, or worse, a date. While I've become a true master of the bathroom quick change—featuring one-minute makeup and more dry shampoo than I will ever admit to using—I'm constantly self-conscious that I straight-up stink after these short-cuts to the shower.

Recently, though, a new type of product has hit the beauty scene meant to solve exactly for this type of problem. Enter deodorant wipes, which help you hit refresh on particularly sweaty situations—post-workout or otherwise. "Deodorant wipes are very convenient. However, they won’t replace your morning deodorant application and typically do not last all day," says Howard D. Sobel, MD, a New York City dermatologist and founder of Sobel Skin. "They are best used to touch-up your underarms, neck and chest.  Perfect to take on the go and a discreet way to touch up and add some freshness to your body throughout the day."

Since I am a self-proclaimed "sweaty person," I truthfully had very low expectations when I raised my hand (metaphorically, that is) to test out deodorant wipes firsthand. I usually have to apply clinical-strength antiperspirant two or three times a day, especially when I workout in the morning. But for the sake of my experiment, I decided to take Dr. Sobel's advice and apply a base layer of my stick deodorant pre-sweat sesh, and refresh throughout the day with the wipes.

I'm going to be honest: I tried four different brands over the course of a week, and was genuinely shocked at how well they all worked to make me smell socially acceptable after a workout. Unlike my regular deodorant, the wipes all did their part to get sweat and stink off of me while also delivering a nice fragrance. Plus, I could use them in other places on my body besides my armpits that aren't exactly "fresh as a daisy" after a workout (you know the ones). Not only were the wipes beyond easy to swipe on in a gym bathroom while also somehow putting on lipstick at the same time, but they were discreet enough that I used them at my desk on more than one occasion without anyone noticing.

When I started this experiment, I had hoped to find a favorite product among the wipes I tested, but truthfully I loved them all. And while my trusty old clinical strength certainly isn't going anywhere, it's now permanently stationed in my bathroom, and a package of these babies will come with me everywhere else I go.

If you don't have time to hit the showers after a workout, don't worry: Sweat can actually be good for your skin. And since we're all about self-care on-the-go, here are our favorite 1-minute beauty hacks that even the busiest women can squeeze into their schedules.

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