Score a ‘Timeless’ Anti-Aging Hand Cream—for $0—When You Shop the Dermelect Black Friday Sale

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Skin care is no longer reserved for the face—after all, skin is literally all over the body. And lately, we’ve been taking care all the way to the tips of our nails. Whether you’re a DIY manicure expert or just looking to avoid dry, flakey hands this winter, a great hand and nail care routine doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s all about finding a couple of great multitasking products. And when it comes to hand and nail care that functions (and is formulated) like skin care, Dermelect is debatably the best in the business.

Lucky for us, they’re feeling particularly generous this year. Dermalect’s Black Friday Event offers 15 percent off orders of $50 and more, 20 percent off orders of $100 and more, and 30 percent off orders of $150 and more. They’re also offering daily deals on some of their best-selling products from November 19 through 26. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Cyber Monday Event, which runs November 27 through 29, offers the same buy-more, save-more deals with codes CM15, CM20, and CM30 (respectively), plus a free four-ounce tube of the Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment (which retails for $22) with all orders over $60.

Read on for our favorite Dermelect picks.

Dermelect, Makeover Smoothing Ridge Filler — $18.00

15% off: $15.30; 20% off: $14; 30% off: $12.60

Meet the skin-care-infused, no-makeup-makeup of nail care. The polish, which has a barely-there shimmering pink hue, is technically a nail concealer, used to mask any imperfections on the nail plate and create the illusion of perfect natural nails. But it doesn’t just hide imperfections—it actively strengthens and nourishes nails while you wear it. The innovative treatment utilizes keratin protein and peptides to fortify weak nails, while a moisture-binding agent called pentavitin works to draw water to brittle, dry nails for increased flexibility and hydration—all of which lead to less breakage.

Dermelect, Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment — $22.00

15% off: $18.70; 20% off: $17.60; 30% off: $15.40

This ultra-luxe formula takes hand cream to the next level. It features a bevy of skin-loving ingredients including protein peptide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and papaya extract to smooth and soothe crepey skin, diminish the appearance of spots, and plump thin skin. Meanwhile, the grease-free formula leaves an almost powdery finish for a comfortable veil of moisture sans residue or pesky film. Best of all, it’s water reactivated, making it ideal for frequent hand washers (and who isn’t this time of year?).

Dermelect, Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail and Cuticle Treatment — $18.00

15% off: $15.30; 20% off: $14; 30% off: $12.60

With an ingredient list that reads more like that of a luxury facial cream than a nail and cuticle cream, this treatment features a first-of-its-kind, clinically restorative formula that transforms cuticles and nails into their strongest, healthiest selves. It uses nutrient-rich hydrators to condition ragged, unruly cuticles as well as the brand’s signature protein-peptide technology to strengthen damaged nail beds and restore brittle nails. The result is longer, stronger nails and manageable cuticles—a win on all fronts.

Dermelect, Revital-Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment — $14.00

15% off: $11.90; 20% off: $11.20; 30% off: $9.80

We love this dual-phase oil for repairing serious damage and strengthening weak nails. It pairs an ultra-moisturizing cuticle oil complex with a strength-boosting protein peptide to treat both cuticles and nails in one fell swoop. We love to apply the luxe oil before bed—simply shake to combine the two phases and apply to the cuticles and underside of the nail, massaging into the surrounding skin. By the time we wake up, our cuticles are already feeling softer and our nails stronger.

Dermelect, Launchpad Bonding Nail Strengthener — $18.00

15% off: $15.30; 20% off: $14; 30% off: $12.60

If you’re struggling with soft, thin, brittle nails, look no further for your one-stop solution. The formula uses keratin and antioxidants to restore weakened nails and soothe existing damage, while a dose of biotin helps support healthy skin and nails. Best of all, it can be used as a base coat or on its own as a standalone treatment.

Dermelect, Savior Skin All-In-One Repair Balm — $42.00

15% off: $35.70; 20% off: $33.60; 30% off: $29.40

Everyone needs a great repair balm in their beauty arsenal, and Dermelect’s petroleum-free formula is top-notch. Use it on cracked skin, dry elbows and knees, flaky lips, cuts and scrapes, raw cuticles—anywhere that needs some TLC and nourishment. The salve features a blend of superfood ingredients that are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, and the emollient-packed formula soothes and restores skin upon application.

Dermelect, High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener Top Coat — $16.00

15% off: $13.60; 20% off: $12.80; 30% off: $11.20

This top coat does it all—it’s quick drying, long-lasting, high gloss, chip-resistant, nail thickening, and UV blocking (to prevent polish from yellowing and fading). Reviewers say it keeps manis intact for two weeks (plus!) and keeps nails harder and stronger. It’s hands down one of the most innovative top coats we’ve come across and, in our humble opinion, a must-have for anyone who paints their own nails.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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