Is My Diet Healthy? This Australian Quiz Gave Me the Answer in 10 Minutes

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When your to-do list just keeps multiplying and you feel like there's "never enough time in the day," you may eat the majority of your meals on autopilot. And hey, sometimes that's necessary. If you want to give your everyday eating habits a healthy diagnostic though, try taking the healthy diet quiz designed by nutrition experts at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

The 10-minute questionnaire differs from other online quizzes about what constitutes a healthy diet. Yes, you'll run through familiar questions about your macros (the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that make up your diet). But the quiz also names a specific food—like pumpkin—and ask whether you eat it "less than once a week or never" or "once a week or more often." Because of this extra step, the quiz gets a more better idea of what a week of eating looks like for you.

After answering questions about about the vegetables, fruits, proteins, plant-based proteins, grains, dairy, condiments, and water you consume over the course of seven days, your diet gets a score up to 73 points. A score below 33 "needs work," between 33 and 38 is "getting there," between 39 and 46 is "excellent," and above 47 is "outstanding." You'll also get a comprehensive report on the areas where your diet is fueling you, and the parts that could use improvement.

At first, I felt personally offended by my score of 37 points. Then I realized that I wasn't being penalized for the food already in my diet. Instead, the folks at the University of Newcastle want me to diversify the eating styles of those who take the 10-minute questionnaire. For example, I mostly eat cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and spinach for my daily intake of veggies. Maybe I need to shake things up and add in green peas, tomato, and corn.

Whether you decide to take every piece of advice or not, the quiz serves to identify nutritional holes in the 21 meals you consume on a weekly basis.

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