9 Different Condom Brands To Know About That’ll Keep You Safe and Satisfied

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Condom design has thankfully expanded quite a bit since, as Greek mythology goes, King Minos used a goat’s bladder. Now, with what feels like gazillions of different condom brands on the market, you may be curious about what else is out there.

You can always stare into the endless void of options at the drugstore, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like to be pointed in the right direction (without asking a drugstore employee), we got you. "Latex condoms are often the most available and affordable and come in multiple options in terms of thickness, flavor, and texture," says Jess O’Reilly, PhD, host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast. "Some people have latex allergies and will opt for polyurethane condoms that can feel thinner for more sensitivity, or a synthetic latex that may be a bit thicker and good for ejaculatory control." (Lambskin is certainly a condom option as well, but Dr. O'Reilly says research notes they're less effective.)

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With World Contraception Day on the horizon (it's September 26!), we rounded up nine different condom brands. Check out options that are free of potentially harmful additives, futuristic in fit, and sustainable.

9 different condom brands that'll save you a drugstore journey

1. LELO HEX Original Luxury Condoms, $35 for 36 condoms

Shop Now: LELO HEX Original Luxury Condoms with Unique Hexagonal Structure, $35 for pack of 36

LELO's Hex condoms are an innovation born from a desire for a different condom structure (and also a wildly successful 2016 IndieGogo campaign). Not only are they extremely thin, but they're constructed with 350 hexagons, to create an all-new shape. (Nature tends to favor hexagonal structures, because they offer more malleability.)

The result is a condom that supports supreme stamina, comfort, and flexibility. That means your only worries should be your stamina, comfort, and flexibility for what could be a long sex session ahead.

2. Lovability Condoms Tin, $9 for 3 condoms

Shop Now: Lovability Condoms Tin, $9 for pack of 3

Can you even with how cute this condom case is? Beyond its reusable packaging aesthetics, this feminist brand features zero spermicides, dyes, fragrances, or chemical irritants for a true au naturel vibe. This compact is a bit of a starter pack at only three to a tin, but you can also buy boxes of 12 and 30 if you're looking to stock up.

3. Classic b condoms, $9 for 10 condoms

Shop Now: Classic b condoms, $9 for pack of 10

B condoms delivers ultra-lubricated condoms for easy guide and enhanced pleasure. And despite the product's affordable price point, there's really no sacrifice of quality here. The durability is triple-tested, which means breakages don't need to be at the forefront of your mind when you're getting it on, and it's also available in both classic and XL sizes.

4. Champ Ribbed Condoms, $19 for 12 condoms

Shop Now: Champ Ribbed Condoms, $19 for pack of 12

If forgetfulness is a common obstacle in your relationship with condoms, Champ condoms can help. The company lets you order condoms as a one-time purchase or as a subscription at a reduced price (for example, a monthly order of 12 condoms costs $17 compared to a one-time purchase of $19).

The brand also offers ribbed condoms, which some prefer because the texture can contribute to the pleasure experience, says sexologist Goody Howard, MSW. "Ribs add ripples of sensation with each stroke and, depending on the texture nubs, there's more stimulation for the G-spot during vaginal sex or the prostate during anal sex," she says. If you want to try them out, Champ offers a Starter Kit ($14) with classic condoms, ribbed condoms, and lube.

5. Rise Condoms, $12 for 10 condoms

Shop Now: Rise condoms, $12 for pack of 10

Rise Condoms have a simple design and were created with the knowledge that condoms are very often used incorrectly. A 2012 study published in Sexual Health notes that "not rolling the condom completely the full way on" and "using a sharp object to open the package" as common errors. To combat user errors of that sort, Rise condoms come in a resealable zipper bag, and with each in individual buttercup packaging. To use, simply peel open the top and roll it on slowly and intentionally.

6. Lifestyle SKYN Original Condoms, $11 for 24 condoms

Shop Now: Lifestyle SKYN Original Condoms, $11 for 24

Howard recommends these for those who have a latex allergy. SKYN condoms are known for being extremely thin, and their SKYNFEEL material is made to be as close to body-on-body contact as you can get.

6. Sustain Natural Ultra Thin Latex Condoms, $14 for 10 condoms

Shop Now: Sustain Natural Ultra Thin Latex Condoms, $14 for 10

Eco-friendly Sustain condoms are made from fair-trade latex and are FSC certified, which ensures the environment in which they were created was ethically managed. Sustain condoms are also genital-friendly, given their lower latex proteins (for those prone to an allergic reaction), and the aloe-enriched water-based lube is a nice bonus.

8. MyONE Perfect Fit Condom, $7 for 6 condoms

Shop Now: MyOne Perfect Fit Condoms Size D22, $7 for pack of 6

A favorite of both Howard and Dr. O'Reilly, MyOne Perfect Fit Condoms offer 60 different sizes in order to get, well, that perfect fit. This is major because according to Dr. O'Reilly, wearing an ill-fitting condom increases the risk of breakage, slippage, irritation, and overall less-satisfying sex.

It factors in 10 lengths and nine widths to make sure that everything feels comfortable. If the penis-haver in question has never sized themselves up or bought rubbers within the regular/XL binary, MyOne's official website offers the helpful tool of three ways to measure yourself.

9. LOLA Condoms, $10 for 12 condoms

Shop Now: LOLA Condoms, $10 for pack of 12

Sexual-wellness brand LOLA condoms are constructed with vulva-owners in mind, and they're unique in being gynecologist-approved. You can have them delivered as a subscription on a one-month, three-month, or six-month basis. They come in boxes of 12, and retail at $10, $9.50, and $9, respectively.

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