14 Different Oral Sex Positions Every Vulva-Owner Should Experience, According to Experts

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When it comes to oral sex for vulva-owners, there’s no need to treat it like just foreplay. There’s a tendency to think of oral sex as just an appetizer before the big meal, when in reality, oral sex can be a great sexual experience on its own, even when it’s not followed by penetrative sex. And knowing and trying a variety of oral sex positions can make pleasure even better. “Experimenting with different sex positions is like a playful adventure; it’s all about discovering what brings you both the most pleasure,” says AASECT-certified sexuality educator Martha Tara Lee, DHS.

“Experimenting with different sex positions is like a playful adventure; it’s all about discovering what brings you both the most pleasure.”—Martha Tara Lee, DHS, sexuality educator

Real quick disclaimer before we get into the myriad of ways to enjoy giving oral sex and receiving it: “Certain STIs, like herpes and syphilis, as well as HPV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea can spread from oral-genital contact, during oral sex,” as somatic sex educator Kiana Reeves, chief brand educator for Foria previously told Well+Good. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ensure you and your partner are tested regularly before diving into all things oral.

Experts In This Article

With that being said, we asked the experts to break down some of the best oral sex positions for vulva-havers that prioritize pleasure and mouth-watering intimacy. No matter what your sexual styles, there’s a hot oral sex position you and your partner will inevitably love. Read on for more.

14 different oral sex positions to try for increased pleasure and excitement

1. The Original

This is one of the simplest oral sex positions, as AASECT-certified sex educator, Suzannah Weiss, resident sexologist for Fleshy, and author of Subjectified, explains. But, don’t look down on it: it’s a classic for a reason. For this one, you’ll “lie on your back with or without your head on a pillow and have your partner crouch between your legs,” Weiss explains. You can also prop a pillow under your butt to get the perfect angle, and your partner can experiment with kneeling or lying on their stomach, she adds.

2. The 69

Another classic for a reason: This position features both you and your partner performing oral sex on each other at the same time. “This can be done in a reverse-face sitting position, with you leaning over their body, or in a regular lying-down position with their head facing your feet,” Weiss says. If you want to change it up or take a break, she also suggests subbing your hands in if you need.

3. The Kivin Method

The viral Kivin method features a partner performing oral sex on you while they approach from the side. “Rather than getting between your legs, their upper body will be underneath one of your legs…flick[ing] their tongue up and down over the clit in a side-to-side motion.” Weiss explains. For some women, this oral sex position can feel especially pleasurable as this side-to-side motion is a common way to masturbate and allows the entire clitoris to be stimulated, Weiss says.

4. The ‘Legs Up’

“Lay on your back with your legs in the air,” Weiss explains, adding that “if it makes it easier, you can lay at the edge of a couch with your butt against the arm of the couch as you do this.” Making this modification allows your partner a different angle of approach and access to lower parts of your vulva (a pillow can be helpful here, too). Weiss also adds that some people appreciate a finger inside the vagina to intensify the sensation as well.

5. The Queen on a Throne

If you want to feel even more in control and powerful, you can try this position, where you “sit on a chair, bed, couch, or bench, and have your partner kneel on the ground below you,” Weiss explains, adding that this position can make you feel like you’re being worshiped (which can be super-hot.) Bonus: If you’ve got a (private!) hot tub or pool, Weiss also recommends trying this position while sitting at the edge of the pool or tub.

6. The Mermaid

This position features you lying on your stomach, with legs close together, as Dr. Lee explains. Your partner lies between your legs, while you squeeze your legs closer for tighter clitoral stimulation. “This position enhances sensation and can feel deeply relaxing for the receiver,” she adds.

7. The Reverse-Scoop

For this position, you lie with your legs bent and your partner lying comfortably between them. This allows for both direct and varied stimulation of the clitoris and surrounding areas, Dr. Lee explains. Also really hot bonus: Your partner is also able to grab your ankles and thighs here.

8. The Dangler

If you and your partner want to incorporate their hands and fingers more during oral, this position might be it. You lay on the bed with your legs “freely dangling off the bed, creating an angle that gives the giver complete access and allows for creative use of their hands,” Dr. Lee adds.

9. The Dinner With a View

Forewarning: You'll need a headboard for this move. "Sit back, against the headboard, with your feet on the mattress, and your knees bent," says sexologist Jess O'Reilly, PhD. Then, "prop yourself up on a few pillows, if you like, and simply lie back and let them do all the work. Enjoy the ride and the view. Tune into every sensation and don’t worry about reciprocating."

10. The Grinder

"Lie on your stomach, with your hips propped up on a pillow," Dr. O'Reilly says. "Let your partner climb between your legs and use your hand or a toy to rub yourself from the front, as they lick, suck, and caress from behind.” As for why this position can feel so good? “Grinding against your pubic mound can pull on the hood of the clitoris, which stimulates the inner erectile tissue of the clitoral shaft,” Dr. O’Reilly explains.

11. The Tee

"Lie on your back with one leg outstretched and the other bent with your foot on the mattress," Dr. O'Reilly says. "Have your partner approach from the side by sliding beneath your bent leg, so that your bodies form the shape of a tee.” This position is particularly pleasurable if you like having your labia majora squeezed together, Dr. O’Reilly explains, as your partner can use their lips and mouth to do so while they run their tongue between the groove.

12. The Face-Sitter

If you’ve always been curious about face sitting, give this position a try. For this one, sit on a chair, facing either direction, and grind against your partner while they kiss, lick, suck, swirl, and glide against you, Dr. O’Reilly says. This position is also a great way to incorporate other elements of kinky oral, such as spit play, or as a forerunner to other advanced sex positions.

13. The Standing

Standing is a great, low-effort way to experience oral sex in a way that might help you feel more powerful. "Lean against the wall and have [your partner(s)] drop to their knees," Dr. O'Reilly says. Then, you can "play with the dominant position as you make requests—or demands, with consent—and guide their head to your own delight,” she adds.

14. The 68

This position is really about flipping the whole 69 concept on its head. "Your partner lies on their back," says Dr. O'Reilly. "You lie on your back on top of them with your crotch in their face. Pull away and press toward them to control the pressure, movement, rhythm and depth." Where 69 has lots of moving elements (or at least, two), this is basically just one-sided 69ing.

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