The Ultimate Digital Packing (and Shopping!) List for a Healthy and Stylish Spring Break

Photo: Instagram/@solidandstriped
Spring break—where we put our precious vacation days to use and decamp to sunny, healthy destinations for some self-care—is upon us. Yes, it's a thing, even for adults who don't have spring breaks per se, but may desperately need some vitamin D (downtime).

Which means it's time to consider when you last purchased a new swimsuit, a cute pair of sandals undestroyed by seasons past, and a new beach bag that doubles for dinner. (Answer: ages ago.)

Need some spring style pointers? Here's a digital packing and shopping list for your vacation and travel necessities, below.

Before you get on the plane, you may want to read up on smart luggage and think twice before putting your beauty products through an X-ray scanner

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