This Jasmine-Infused Serum Stick Is Nature’s ‘Magic Eraser’ for Dull Skin

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At first glance, jasmine seems like a rather unassuming little flower. The delicate white petals could almost be mistaken for the wispy sort of thing that you'd find sprinkled over a dish to make your dinner more decorative. But get close enough and the heady siren scent reminds you that it's potent and powerful little bud. So, in many ways, there's no better bloom for Diptyque—a brand made famous for its fragrances—to pluck for its new skin-care launch.

The Infused Face Serum ($68) uses a proprietary jasmine-derived ingredient called Floracera to smooth and hydrate complexions. With every inhale, you'll catch just a chase of the note in the air, reminding you not only of sun-dappled French vines dripping with white flowers, but of your skin benefiting from the goodness. The star ingredient acts as an antioxidant to fend off free radical damage, which can result in a host of skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Jasmine unites with radiance-boosting vitamin E, and tuberose and Narcissus poeticus extracts to brighten and plump skin, as if it were nature's magic eraser.

Diptyque Infused Face Serum, $68

Photo: Diptyque

Diptyque's serum stick was inspired by a perfuming extraction method known as enfleurage, wherein petals of particular flowers are laid between solid fats in order to obtaining their scent in a usable form. The heritage technique, however, pushes skin care forward, creating an innovative new application format that makes it easy to tailor to your skin's needs. The stick allows you to swipe the serum over your skin in a targeted manner that makes it great for combination skin types (like mine!) who have dry cheeks and an oily T-zone.

On skin, the serum feels almost cooling, as if it will leave behind a frosty effect on skin (after all, the brand recommends placing the stick in the refrigerator for storage to make the experience even more soothing and enjoyable). In circular motions, I move the tube all over my face, feeling the serum getting pushed deep into my complexion. I'm surprised to find that the finish on skin isn't syrupy or waxy in the way that some skin solids can sometimes be. But instead there's an airy, dry finish that brightens my without looking super oily.

I use the serum as a middle step in my morning skin-care routine. I find that throughout the day, however, it's also a nice refresh for my skin. Especially in the new world order that largely exists without wanderlust, finding a way to enliven the senses and awaken the complexion all at once feels like the next-best thing to hopping on a plane in search of the white vine of jasmine cascading at a dreamy spa. If my skin can benefit at the same time? All the better.

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