8 DIY Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Healthiest Trends of the Year

Photo: Ariana Grande, Jockey, TK, Cellet, H&M, Converse
You spend your days at the office counting down the minutes until you can barre, burpee, or bust a move in dance cardio class. On weekends, you're off and running—and enjoying all the fringe benefits of hitting the pavement. And in between, it's all about Instagram inspo. (BTW we can save you some scrolling time if you're looking for the ultimate breakfast smoothie recipe.)

So when you're planning a topical costume that'll turn heads at your Halloween party, it's time to spoof your real life—not the one Ricky's or Target imagines you to have. (How many "sexy" pirates have you actually met?)

To help you out, we've rounded up some wellness-savvy get-ups that are budget-friendly, DIY, and on-trend. From pop singers and their athleisure-inspired looks to Olympians rocking Rio-ready uniforms (or meme-worthy facial expressions), you can pull these timely looks together in no time.

Scroll down to see the trendiest DIY Halloween costumes, inspired by healthy pop culture icons.

Photo: Beyonce, Sub_Urban Riot, Gem Gear, Nike

Beyonce in "7/11"

Does Beyonce ever go out of style? (Answer: no.) Although there's a lot to pull from Lemonade, we can't quite get over the "7/11" music video and her instantly iconic Kale sweatshirt.

Shop the look:
Sub_Urban Riot Kale Sweatshirt, $58
Gem Gear Leopard Spandex Shorts, $23.99
Nike knee pads, $19.99

Photo: Broad City, RedBubble, Cellet, Mr. Clean

Abbi Abrams in Broad City

Call this Soulstice classic—from the days when Abbi (played by Abbi Jacobson) was the go-to for "pube situations" in Broad City's fictional Equinox-meets-SoulCycle, before her big break into trainer-dom. Complete the look with gloves and a headset.

Shop the look:
Mr. Clean latex gloves, $4.99
RedBubble Cleaner T-Shirt, $26.66
Old Navy Leggings, $12
Hands-Free Headset, $9.65

Photo: All for Desktop, Dressis, Michaels

Purple grapes

Okay, maybe not a trend of the year, but fruits—especially grapes—are a perfect DIY halloween costume. Simply pin the balloons to your dress, making sure to cover the whole surface, and tie a green ribbon in your hair to act as the stem.

Shop the look:
Purple balloons, $4.57
Dressis Mini Tank Dress, $14.99
Purple Low-Top Converse, $34.97
Green ribbon, $6.69

Photo: Ariana Grande, Jockey, U.S. Toy, Cellet, H&M, Converse

Ariana Grande performing "Side to Side"

Ariana Grande seriously impressed us during her VMAs performance earlier this year (especially considering she did an entire workout in stilleto-heeled boots). You probably won't be able to bring a bike around with you—although an at-home Peloton bike would sure do the trick!—you can still rock Grande's signature high ponytail to really channel the singer.

Shop the look:
Neon Brights Plastic Visor, $7.65
Jockey Sport Seamless Bra, $34
H&M White Sweatpants, $19.99
Converse Hi-Top Sneakers, $38,75
Hands-Free Headset, $9.65

Photo: Tracy Anderson, SPRI, Climawear, Victoria's Secret, Nike

Tracy Anderson

Just like Anderson's A-list clients, the star trainer has her own signature look: baggy cropped sweats, a tight tank, and—of course—her light hand weights. As a bonus, the extra poundage will help give you a low-impact workout while you party on Halloween.

Shop the look:
3-pound weights, $12.98
Victoria's Secret Banded Boyfriend Pant, $54.50
Climawear On Point Jacquard Knit Tank, $44
Nike Roshe One, $75

Photo: Michael Phelps, Speedo, Bose

Michael Phelps' Olympic angry face

If one angry glance from an Olympian can turn into an internet-breaking meme, you can rest assured the look is a gold medal-worthy Halloween costume. Ready to go the extra distance (lap?) Book a cupping appointment the day before.

Shop the look:
Speedo One-Piece, $27.41
Speedo Team Parka, $125
Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones, $299
Best mean face, free

Photo: Hanes, Topshop, Superfly


Sure, dressing up is fun—but you know what's even more fun? Throwing on an accessory and winning the Halloween costume pun game. This version of a "superfood" is a quick and easy (okay, and last-minute) costume that will be sure to get more than a couple of laughs.

Shop the look:
Hanes T-shirt, $16.93
Topshop Elastic Leggings, $20
Superfly Superhero Cape, $9.99
"Food" on paper, free

Photo: Simone Biles, JustinCostume, Rhode Island Novelty

Member of the Final Five

The new wave of superstar Olympic gymnasts has inspired with more than just their outfits. If you can't quite keep up on the beam, dressing up as Simone, Aly, Gabby, Laurie, Gabby, or Madison is your second-best bet. Throw on your favorite red, white, and blue leotard with a gold medal (or six) to channel your favorite Final Five member.

Shop the look:
K-Bee Intensity Mystique Leotard, $38
Multiple gold medals, $4.95
Slicked-back hair, free

With a healthy costume locked down, now onto the treats: These candy options are delicious and won't ruin your healthy-eating streak. Or try these Tom and Gisele-approved sweets.

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