This Easy Recipe for DIY ‘Poop Spray’ Refreshes Your Bathroom With Just 5 Ingredients

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Let's dive directly into a sh*tty topic: Do you live with someone who regularly stinks up the bathroom? Or maybe you’re appalled at your own scent post-poo? Whatever the case may be, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Poo-Pourri ($10). Poo-Pourri is a poop spray that’s designed to be sprayed pre-poop and works to prevent stinky particles from sticking to the toilet and lingering into the air. In short, with a spritz Poo-Pourri pre-poo, no one will be the wiser as to whether or not someone has just used the loo to go number two. The problem is that not everyone has a bottle of the poop spray laying around the house. What many people do have, however, are the ingredients to create a DIY poop spray.

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  • Suzy Batiz, Suzy Batiz is the CEO of Poo~Pourri, the cult-favorite poop spray company.

According to Suzy Batiz, CEO of Poo-Pourri, the reason some DIY poop spray formulas are so effective, even if their formulas aren’t as sophisticated as Poo-Pourri, is because the ingredients within them work to promote floating, which makes flushing both the poo and the scent that comes with it just a little bit easier.

“I love seeing and supporting all things homemade,” says Batiz, noting that it's actually how she originally formulated Poo-Pourri in her own home.

While it took Batiz nearly a year of perfecting the now-famous poop spray recipe, you can DIY in virtually no time at all.

Here’s what you’ll need:

While the ratios of each ingredient vary based on the source, most folks say that the essential oils are the most important element of a DIY poop spray. They are what nix the stink on the spot, after all. The rubbing alcohol helps to kill germs in the toilet, the distilled water is essentially the base, and glycerin adds to the slip-and-slide goodness of the spray. (It’s the slip, which also comes partly from the essential oils, that helps prevent odors and particles from sticking to and remaining in the toilet bowl.)

Once you have all your ingredients in the bottle, simply shake it up and spritz your toilet three to four times before doing the deed.

“The current trend, though I haven’t tried it, does sound like it would be somewhat effective,” admits Batiz. “Any essential oil will float on the surface of the water and will help block some odors which is why many of the DIY methods have credibility. However, the issue is that without a more complex solution like the formula of Poo-Pourri, oils will bead up on the surface of the water, so the odor control is limited.”

That said, experimenting is the only way to potentially uncover the perfect blend. That’s because the more you test it out, the better quality (and more effective) spray you’ll be able to create. “Have fun and go for it! If it gets messy, Poo-Pourri's here if you need us,” says Batiz.

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