This At-Home Hair ‘Glaze’ Made My Brassy, 6-Month-Old Highlights Look Good as New in 3 Minutes

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Over the past few years, I've slowly edged my chestnut locks as close to blonde as humanly possible, while still being technically considered a brunette. This has meant nearly a dozen balayage sessions—which, at 3+ hours a pop, is no small commitment. And though I love love love the way my artfully highlighted hair looks, the way all of these color treatments have made it feel is another story entirely.

My natural waves have flattened out and become frizzy, and my texture goes through frequent phases during which it can best be described as "straw-like." Because of this, I've committed to finding solutions to remedy this situation by nourishing my hair and stretching out the time between dye jobs—all of which has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to dpHUE's Glossy Glaze ($29, $23 with the code WG20 at checkout).

dpHue, Glossy Glaze — $29.00

Use code WG20 for 20% your purchase.

What is an at-home glossing treatment

Hair glossing treatments, like this one, are exactly what they sound like—they quite literally make your hair look glossy. They're essentially sheer, temporary hair glazes that come in a range of shades (including clear), and have long been used in salons to color-correct and tone hair while also adding megawatt shine. In recent years, an increasing number of at-home options—including this latest launch from dpHUE—have been popping up to give people the same results in their very own bathrooms.

"With dpHUE's Glossy Glaze, you get the same high-shine results as a pro-grade gloss, however there is no mess, no mixing, and no time needed at the salon," says dpHue founder and celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson, who counts Jennifer Aniston and Margo Robbie as clients. "You can expect a high-shine finish, with a subtle hint of sheer color, that leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and incredibly soft."

How does dpHue Glossy Glaze work?

The fact that Glossy Glaze can improve the tone and texture of your hair in three minutes may feel like magic, but in actuality it's just some really cool science. "The formula uses 3D pigment technology that subtly shifts your hair hue without causing any change to the quality of your hair," explains Anderson. These pigments are too big to penetrate the hair shaft, which means they essentially coat the top layer of your strands—which is what allows the formula to tone your hair without causing any chemical damage.

In addition to the pigments, the formula also contains mullein flower extract, which protects against UV damage to fend off any future fading. Rounding out the list of actives is lemon zest, which is often found in hair products thanks to its ability to tame course textures, and according to Anderson, "provides unbeatable softness."

What happened when I tried dpHue Glossy Glaze

I was lucky enough to test Glossy Glaze at the hands of a stylist before it hit the market, and I was hooked after my first wash. My hair looked mirror-finish shiny and my months-old highlights somehow looked freshly done. However, knowing the power of a pro-grade blowout, I was curious to see what would happen when I tried the stuff at home.

Because the glaze is designed to last for up to three shampoos, I've started working it into my routine every two weeks (aka every fourth wash). The stylist who introduced me to the product claimed that it was softening enough to replace my conditioner, but given the state of my dry, thick, color-damaged hair, I absolutely didn't believe her. Lo and behold, though, the first time I tested it for myself (I applied it to my strands post-shampoo and let it sit for three minutes before rinsing, per the directions), I was shocked at how soft my strands felt. So I skipped the conditioner and didn't miss it one little bit.

After two glorious months of using Glossy Glaze (use code WG20 for 20% off at checkout), I can confidently say that my strands are softer and shinier than they've been in as long as I can remember, and my highlights look fresh from the salon despite the fact that they haven't been touched up since (checks notes) last October. Any orange or brassy tones have been completely neutralized, giving my strands the sort of glimmering golden shine I used to think was only reserved for expensive jewelry.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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