8 Pairs of Leggings That Won’t Fall Down When You Work up a Sweat

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I always empathize with the girl at the gym who has to pause to yank up her leggings while sprinting on the treadmill. I’ve been there, and it stinks. Whether you’re running, lifting weights, or doing yoga, pants that slide down while you’re exercising are the definition of annoying. You could certainly remedy the issue by wearing a unitard, but drawstring leggings will do the trick.

The genius who decided to put drawstrings in leggings is a true fitness hero and must be recognized as such with a shiny gold medal. Drawstring leggings are not always easy to find, especially with so many options online, but more brands are releasing workout pants with the helpful feature.

If you want to avoid getting depantsed by your own leggings, grab one of these prime picks and prepare to work up a sweat without the wardrobe malfunction. Once you start living that drawstring life, you’ll never go back.

1. The Upside Original Supersoft Yoga Pants, $100

These sleek leggings take the classic black legging (that fills your workout clothing drawer) and elevates with with an elastic waistband with a drawstring tie for extra support. Made for lounging, errand running, or low impact workouts, they are easy to dress up or down for whatever your day has in store.

Shop now: The Upside Original Supersoft Yoga Pants, $100

2. All Access High Rise Legging with Drawstring, $98

If you’re looking for a pair with a little pizazz but that will still handle a sweatier, higher intensity workout, these leggings were made for you. The colorful line detailing elevates the style, while the seamless compression fabric makes them sturdy enough to take on a bootcamp class.

Shop now: All Access High Rise Legging with Drawstring, $98

3. Year of Ours Ribbed Football Legging, $114

Inspired by the uniform made famous by your high school quarterback crush, these sporty leggings have a high waist and vertical piping for streamlined support, while the ribbed finish makes them cozy and unique.

Shop now: Year of Ours Ribbed Football Legging, $114

4. Vuori Daily Legging, $84

These leggings have mastered the “no-slip fit.” With 10 different colors to chose from, these leggings are made from a no-slip fabric, are high waist, and for extra security, sport a drawstring tie so you can be sure that there will be no mid-sweat sesh slippage.

Shop now: Vuori Daily Legging, $84

5. Alo 7/8 High-Waist Checkpoint Legging, $98

Wishing you could combine your favorite sculpting legging with your comfiest sweatpant? Alo did it for you. Made with the brand’s signature Airlift fabric, these leggings are sleek and flattering while also having pockets for ultimate versatility and convenience.

Shop now: Alo 7/8 High-Waist Checkpoint Legging, $98

6. Aerie Offline Warm-Up Drawcord Legging, $50

Made from recycled polyester, these pocketed leggings are brushed on the inside for extra warmth and coziness, but are also super light for ultimate flexibility and stretch, making them a perfect lounge essential.

Shop now: Aerie Offline Warm-Up Drawcord Legging, $50

7. Fabletics Mid-Rise PowerHold Tie-Waist 7/8, $80

If sky high-rise leggings can sometimes feel too restrictive, but you still want a pair that promises to stay in place, these leggings are it. They are mid-rise, with the adjustable waist of a jogger, but they also have the compression of your favorite pair of leggings. The colorblock style is also hard to miss.

Shop now: Fabletics Mid-Rise PowerHold Tie-Waist 7/8, $80

8. The Upside Bhoomi Dance Midi Pant, $120

With 4-way stretch and made from a breathable, quick-dry fabric, these leggings are stylish, secure, and so so comfortable. Perfect to pair with a pullover or your favorite crop top, the varsity style pattern makes them totally reminiscent of college days on the quad.

Shop now: The Upside Bhoomi Dance Midi Pant, $120

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