File This Under Things That Sound Like Dreams but Are Very Real: Sleep Vacations

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I’m not exactly the world’s best sleeper. And when you bring travel into the picture, which I do pretty regularly—I'm a travel writer, after all—between an inability to sleep even a little on any plane and jet lag, the struggle starts to get very real.

But recently, a colleague of mine mentioned how she’s been known to escape to the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to sink into one of its beds and draw the blackout shades when she needs a sleep reset. It made me think: What if I booked a trip exclusively to catch up on zzz's?

There’s an entire sector of hotels that have implemented programs to help travelers sleep better.

Interestingly enough, there’s an entire sector of hotels that have implemented programs to help travelers sleep better. Among them is The Benjamin in New York City, which has enlisted the expertise of Rebecca Robbins, PhD, a sleep medicine consultant.

“Sleep plays an important role in our waking success, but unfortunately many of us don't get enough [of it] on a day-to-day basis,” she says. “As their sleep expert, I guided the design of the guest rooms during the renovations to align with what we know to be effective for optimal sleeping environments.”

Called the Rest & Renew program, elements, such as triple pane windows to block out the buzz of the city, blackout curtains to encourage shut eye, and neutral tones to put you immediately at ease, were all part of the reno. Earplugs, a pillow menu, and on-demand meditation at the touch of a button on the room phones are other shuteye perks.

Given all the healthy benefits a good night's sleep can offer—it can help improve your mental health, make you more productive, and even curb your sweet tooth—does this mean that while gorgeous waterfall pics or hotel pools with epic views might seem like the ultimate places to spend your PTO, the truly FOMO-inducing way to enjoy your vacay might just be in bed?

Click through to see a few other locales around the world specializing in all things supreme sleep.

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