The Drugstore Is Now the Absolute Best Place to Buy Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Photo: Getty Images/Nils Hendrik Mueller
I may as well have the phrase "drugstore beauty is getting better and better!" tattooed across my forehead at this point, because it seems like I utter (and type) the phrase multiple times per day to anyone who will listen. The all-accessible skin care, hair care, and makeup aisles have all seriously upped their game over the last few years, and now an unlikely category of products has added itself to the ranks of stuff worth getting excited about on your toilet paper runs: deodorant!!!

I know, I know—deodorant isn't quite as fun to shop for as, say, a new red lipstick or a serum that promises to make your skin glow. And it may not seem totally deserving of the "!!!" treatment. But, with new innovations in D.O. technology hitting the drugstore shelves, that's about to change. Aluminum-free options have made themselves permanent fixtures in the beauty aisle as of late, which is pretty exciting news for anyone looking to treat their pits to the more natural side of things.

A quick aluminum refresher: The metal is present in antiperspirant deodorants, and works to plug sweat glands to keep your underarms from getting wet. It's literally what makes it an "anti-perspirant," which stops you from sweating, rather than just a deodorant, which really just masks the scent. There's been a lot of debate over the last few years about whether or not the ingredient is problematic, though the American Cancer Society has repeatedly said that there is no reason to worry. But aside from any of this, aluminum can also cause irritation, so there are plenty of reasons to decide to ditch it from your deodorant, if that's your thing.

Well+Good has been obsessed with aluminum-free deodorant for a while now. Until recently, though, most of our favorites required a trip to a beauty boutique or department store with a hefty chunk of change. Now, thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from at your local drugstore—including the new Dove Zero Aluminum Deodorant ($6) and Secret Aluminum-Free Deodorant ($5). To help you choose, we rounded up the best ones on the market—which are all under $15.

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