You Can Get Your Hands on Drunk Elephant’s Entire Hair and Body Collection for Under $50

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2020 has had its fair share of dark days, but one of this year's brightest spots has been the launch of Drunk Elephant's hair and body care collection. The brand released its eight-product line back in April to the collective joy of scalps and skin everywhere, and now you can get your hands on all of its offerings for under $50.

The Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe Kit ($49) will give you a chance to try mini versions of the brand's beloved shower essentials for less than the usual cost of a full-sized shampoo and conditioner. It includes both the Drunk Elephant shampoo and conditioner, plus a scalp scrub, tangle spray, body wash, lotion, and deodorant. You'll also get a comb and a cute neon travel case that will make it easy to carry the kit with you wherever you go (ya know, when going places becomes a thing again).

As someone who has replaced her entire hair-care routine with Drunk Elephant products these last few months, I'll be the first to tell you that the products are just as good as you'd imagine. The hair-care line was founded on the principle of putting skin first, giving people “the essentials everyone needs for a healthy scalp and great hair," says founder Tiffani Masterson. The shampoo and conditioner are made with a coconut-based surfactant that leaves hair visibly shinier and more moisturized without stripping your scalp, the tangle spray offers heat and pollution protection as it smooths and detangles, and the scalp scrub gently exfoliates your noggin with a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that break down dead skin cells. It's as if the brand took all of the best ingredients from its skin-care line and tweaked them to be hair-friendly, and my own strands can attest to the fact that they really work.

And on the body-care front, the wash is made with a blend of coconut surfactants, passionfruit oil, and amino acids to cleanse skin without stripping it, and the lotion will strengthen your skin barrier with ceramides, shea butter, and marula butter (and, bonus: both smell deliciously of almond oil). The deodorant delivers its odor-killing properties by way of a gentle AHAs, and goes on as a cream so that your pits will be left hydrated and smelling sweet.

At $49 for all of the above, consider this cute little kit the best treat you'll give your hair and body all year long.

Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe Kit, $49

Drunk Elephant shampoo
Photo: Drunk Elephant

Shop now: Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe Kit, $49

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