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FYI: Dyson’s Got Some of the Lowest Prices on Vacuums We’ve Ever Seen This 4th of July Weekend

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Dyson—the brand that was a boring-but-techie vacuum company in the '90s when many of us were growing up—has had an ultimate glow up, becoming the “it girl” of not just home appliances, but haircare and beauty, too. In adult life, I have definitely become a Dyson girlie myself, as I sit here reporting for you, my vacuum is within my periphery (the V11 Animal+ is a must when you have a golden retriever), my fan-slash-purifier is cranking at max speed, and my AirWrap is in my bedroom, resting after this morning’s blowout. I’m hooked.

If you’re onboard the Dyson train and want more, or you’re ready to dip your toes in the waters of cordless clean-up, prepare for a weekend of 4th of July Dyson sales across the internet. We’ve got the deets to help you save on your first (or 101st) purchase.

Head to Dyson’s site to take advantage of sales directly from the retailer—but here’s the juiciest part. If you already own a Dyson item, you can take advantage of their “Owner Rewards” discount—current owners of Dyson products are eligible for 20 percent off their next Dyson product, including the AirWrap(!!!) which literally never goes on sale. Make sure you’ve registered your item on the Dyson site, and from there you’ll be emailed a code. If you don’t receive a code (FWIW, I did not), you can call their customer service to get it: 1-866-664-9004. This extends well beyond the weekend, so no rush!

Plus, check out the rest of our 4th of July sales and deals here!

Three items you can get on sale now, regardless of your brand history (each item is $100 off the full retail price):

dyson v8
V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum — $400.00

Originally $500, now $400

Coming in hot with a free $75 bonus package (called the “Carry & Clean” kit), the savings feels a little sweeter on this model. It comes with two different vacuum heads, four attachments, the docking station and charger. It works for carpets, hardwood, and converts into a handheld (thanks to those shorter attachments) so you can even use it on the couch or in your car. With 40 minutes of power per charge, you’ll have plenty of time to clean before you need to refuel.

dyson air purifier
Pure Cool TP01 Purifying Fan (Iron/Silver) — $300.00

Originally $400, now $300

This powerful, cooling, purifying wonder-machine keeps your air fresh and light, allowing you to breathe easy (and sweat less). Not only does it purify the whole room, but you can control it from a remote or the app to easily adjust oscillation, fan speed, and more.

Cyclone V10 Absolute — $500.00

Originally $600, now $500

This bad boy is exclusive to the Dyson site, so you won’t find it on sale (or for sale, for that matter) anywhere else. The crème de la crème of Dyson stick vacuums, this is designed for homes with pets *and* has—get this—hair detangling technology. Anyone with long hair who’s ever had to take scissors to cut tangled knots out of their vacuum head understands how big of a deal this is. With TEN heads and attachments, there are custom options for hard surfaces, carpet, crevices, fabric and mattresses, and more. So much more. If I didn’t already have a Dyson stick vacuum, I’d have already purchased this one before publishing this article.

Come throuuuugh, Target! There’s one vacuum model on sale at the land of the red bullseye: the V8 Motorhead Origin Cordless Stick Vacuum.


dyson v8 motorhead
V8 Motorhead Origin — $380.00

Originally $430, now $380

With a $50 savings, you’ll clock in just under $380. Like its brethren, it’s cordless, bagless, great for pet hair, and works on hardwood floors as well as carpet. While it has fewer attachments than some of the other options, it’s super lightweight, and has powerful suction.

Walmart’s got at least three items—all vacuums—between $50 and $100 off this weekend.


dyson purple
V8 Origin+ Cordless Vacuum in Purple — $300.00

Originally $400, now $300

With a De-tangling Motorbar head, this cordless cleaner can also grab those long hairs and pet hairs in the brush, preventing frustrating catches further up the machine. And like the others in this stick vacuum portfolio, it’s convertible, and becomes a handheld device so you can freshen up your car, closet, mattress, or sofa.

dyson v8
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum — $400.00

Originally $500, now $400

The same model that’s on sale on the Dyson site, but available at Walmart if that’s your retailer of choice!

dyson upright vacuum
Ball Multi Floor Origin Upright Vacuum in Fuchsia — $250.00

Originally $300, now $250

for 250 bucks, you can join the Dyson vacuum club. While this is still wildly pricy for the average American, it’s one of the lowest entry points to the brand’s coveted vacuum lineup. This model is a more traditional build (ie, not a stick/convertible vacuum), and it comes with a stair tool and a brush/nozzle attachment. The “Ball” part of this build creates power and stability, allowing for more heavy-duty cleans. Bonus: the filter is washable, so no extra costs!


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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