Meet the Low-Sugar 2-Ingredient Bagel Recipe That Makes Breakfast Dreams Come True

Photo: Getty Images/kajakiki

One of the highlights of calling New York City home is that you can't blink without seeing three bagel shops. Just last weekend, I found myself at a truly revolutionary establishment that served ice cream AND/or cream cheese on your choice of everything, whole wheat, egg, or rainbow. Life is good. But for those times when you don't want your breakfast with a side of sugar (pancakes and cereals aren't the only sweet breakfasts out there—bagels have hidden sugars, too!), you can cozy up at home with this two-ingredient bagel recipe that's blessedly low on the stuff.

A quick Google search of "two-ingredient bagels" will show you dozens of results for the same exact recipe—although, it actually contains three ingredients (if you want to get technical about it). A combo of self-rising flour, sea salt, and Greek yogurt yields a fluffy batch of bagels that are—well, almost—a dead ringer for the real deal. Thanks to the short ingredient list, the bagel contains just 1 gram of sugar, compared to the 9 grams that appear in a run-of-the-mill, medium-sized bagel.

Blogger Recipe Girl's creation is topped off with additional ingredients to add a certain je ne sais quoi flavor and crunch to each bite. With an egg wash and Trader Joe's cult favorite Everything But the Bagel seasoning, she transforms the doughy delight from child's play to The Great British Bake Off material (at least, in my opinion).

Once you've prepared your golden-brown protein rings, you can run wild with the toppings. Will you go savory or sweet? Cold or toasted?  Lox is an option, of course, but you could also spread on this Nutella dupe, your favorite nut butter, or avocado to add some healthy fat to the brunch equation. The most beautiful thing about bagels is their lack of topping discrimination. They love and accept all other foods with the warm embrace of an MVP carb. Really, you can't go wrong.

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