Need Some New Lunch Ideas? These Easy, High-Fiber Salad Recipes Have You Covered

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Anytime you can throw a handful of stuff from your fridge on a plate and it forms a well-rounded meal within minutes is a mealtime win, but let's be honest: even your favorite go-to salad can get old after a while.

But you're too busy to make anything else, you say. Fifteen minutes between Zooms is all you have to throw something together. Don't worry: All it takes to switch up your salad game is incorporating a few new ingredients you might not have thought of and a new dressing. The easy salad recipes rounded up here are full of inspo. (They're also full of fiber, so you'll stay full and satisfied long after lunch is over.) Check out the short videos to see exactly how to make each one. You'll be drooling before you even make it to the end.

Keep reading for 7 easy salad recipes that are full of gut-healthy fiber.

1. Anti-inflammatory salad with warm veggies

One way to completely switch up your salad: Add a few cooked veggies instead of just incorporating raw ones. In this recipe, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsley, and shallots are all roasted together. The mix of fiber-rich veggies is topped off with a turmeric- and ginger-based salad dressing, two herbs well-known for reducing inflammation.

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2. Gut-healthy lentil chopped salad

Turning to greens to meet your fiber needs is great, but lentils can get you there faster. (Not to throw shade or anything.) One cup of spinach has five grams of fiber while a cup of lentils has 16 grams. (The pulse also offers lots of protein per serving.) This recipe shows exactly what herbs to cook them with for maximum flavor and what fresh veggies to add to pair them with.

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3. Sog-free portable salad

If you don't work from home, chances are you've encountered a soggy salad more than once. (And once would have been enough.) Sure, it's fresh when you pack it in the morning, but by mid-day, those lettuce leaves are wilted and limp. Watch the video above for a portable salad recipe that maintains its integrity all day.

Get the recipe: sog-free portable salad

4. Spicy daikon salad

Daikon salad is a classic Korean side dish that many people not as familiar with Korean cuisine may overlook—and that's a big mistake because this simple salad is delicious. The daikon radishes are cooked with garlic and gochugaru, a variety of red chili flakes used in Korean cooking. Add the protein of your choice to make it a well-rounded meal.

Get the recipe: spicy daikon radish salad

5. Copper penny salad

If you have any feta left from all your baked feta pasta making, this easy salad recipe is the perfect place for it. Kale serves are the fiber-rich base and the recipe also calls for carrot rounds (hence the name "copper penny"), almonds, the feta of course, and a lemon-honey dressing literally dripping in healthy fats.

Get the recipe: Julia Turshen's copper penny salad

6. Arugula and squash salad

Don't think a salad can also be comfort food? This recipe will prove you wrong. It combines warm, roasted acorn squash with arugula, cranberries, maple, and ginger. Each bite will warm you down to your core.

Get the recipe: arugula and squash salad

7. Garlicky kale Caesar salad

This delicious kale Caesar salad is secretly vegan and comes together in minutes. Don't skip the homemade croutons, either—it's the best part of what is an incredibly delicious salad. Kale plus a toasted rice-quinoa blend really up the fiber count, too.

Get the recipe: garlicky kale caesar salad

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