9 Whole30-Approved Recipes That’ll Make You the Star of Every Summer BBQ

Photo: Stupid Easy Paleo/Steph Gaudreau
It’s easy to get jazzed about the Whole30 diet when you consider all its health benefits, like improved sleep quality, digestion, and energy levels. But the popular plan, which eschews grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and sugar, isn’t always a walk in the park—and it's especially difficult to maintain during the summer social swirl.

Luckily, throwing (or attending) an epic backyard BBQ and sticking to Whole30 don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you think about it, most picnic staples are meat-, veggie-, or fruit-focused. So, chicken or salmon skewers, burgers, veggie sticks, fruit salad? Yep, you can eat all of that.

And although there are a few faves that are off limits—buns, BBQ sauce, and corn, we’re looking at you—most of the classic recipes lend themselves to a Whole30-friendly makeover. Whip up any of the blogger-created dishes in the slideshow below, and chances are your squad won't even realize they're eating healthy. (Just make sure you prep enough for seconds.)

Check out these 9 Whole30-compliant recipes that are perfect for summer barbecues.

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