The 1 Thing Everyone Can Do to Be Healthier *and* More Sustainable, According to a Celebrity Chef

Ever wondered what celeb chef Katie Lee loves to eat first thing in the a.m.? Get all of her wellness tips here

Let's be honest: Healthy eating can feel way complicated sometimes. There are so many different eating plans out there (veganism! keto! Paleo! Mediterranean!), so many different products to try, and so much conflicting advice that makes eating in a healthy way for your body confusing. Sometimes, you just don't want to take a zillion supplements while chugging matcha infused with the latest superfood powder while you bask in the light of your pink Himalayan salt lamp.

But most health experts can agree that for most people, going back to the basics of healthy eating is the most important. On the latest episode of The Avocado Show, we sat down with Katie Lee, chef and co-host of Food Network's The Kitchen. And she reminded us that eating healthy (and sustainably) doesn't have to be overly complicated thanks to her number one tip: eat more fruits and vegetables.

This tip is health canon for a reason. Fruits and veggies are usually packed with vitamins, fiber, and anti-inflammatory nutrients that help our bodies stay healthy. Eating a vegetarian diet has been shown to increase good bacteria in the gut, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. And researchers have found that vegetables have the least impact on the environment, with fruit following close behind. While you don't have to give up meat entirely, adopting a more plant-forward diet is great for both you and the environment.

One easy way to implement this healthy and sustainable eating tip into your life: the 50 percent rule, meaning that 50 percent of your plate should be vegetables. If you need a little help cooking them, Lee shared a pro tip she learned from fellow chef Geoffrey Zakarian—when you roast veggies, put your sheet pan in the oven while it preheats. That way when you put the veggies on it they start cooking immediately, ensuring a crisp, perfectly-cooked end product.

Clearly, Lee knows what's up. Watch the full video to hear more of her genius tips and wisdom.

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