The Beauty Products That Make Well+Good Editors Feel the *Most* Confident

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It's a time when women aren't shy about their beauty regimens. People are sharing their skin care with each other via spreadsheets, 10-step Korean beauty routines are not uncommon, and having your beauty products on full display in your bathroom (and even your Instagram) has basically become the norm.

Despite the fact that your beauty bag is probably undoubtedly overflowing, there's always that one standout item that is your proverbial desert island must-have. I'm talking about the one you've gotta use every single day, the one you buy a replacement for long before it reaches its last drop, and—most importantly—the one that gives you that instant boost of self confidence.

This, of course, could come in any form. Your confidence blanket can be that highlighter that gives your cheekbones an otherworldly glow, that one hair product that gives you good hair days on repeat, or the cover-it-all concealer that hides redness like a pro.

I give you all of the beauty products that give Well+Good editors a serious confidence boost, below.

beauty products for confidence
Photo: RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up, $36

"Before discovering RMS's 'Un' cover up, I thought that concealing breakouts was a total beauty myth. Now, even on my reddest, zit-filled days, I feel like I can hold a conversation confidently without constantly feeling paranoid that all people are seeing is my latest whitehead." —Kells McPhillips, assistant news editor

beauty products for confidence
Photo: Fres Skincare

Fré Detox Me Post-Sweat Clearing Mask, $54

"I'm obsessed with this made-for-exercisers face mask. Twice a week after I get home, I'll paint this on while I make dinner. When I wash it away, my pores look tighter. Long term, I find that it helps fight the sweaty-exercise-induced-acne I sometimes get around my hairline." —Gabrielle Kassel, editorial intern

beauty products for confidence
Photo: Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, $34

"When it comes to makeup, I’m all or nothing. I won’t wear any other makeup unless I have foundation on. So for me, finding the right one is the basis of my entire makeup routine. That magic product is, during the winter, Fenty beauty longwear foundation which manages to amplify my radiance on a good day, and mask over my lifeless skin on a bad day." —Tamim Alnuweiri, assistant editor

beauty products for confidence
Photo: L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition All Over Paraben-Free Honey Balm, $20

"In the winter months, dry skin kills my confidence and makes my skin feel tight and frozen (and not in the good way). This brand-new L'Oreal Paris All Over Honey Balm is a pinch hitter for anything that goes wrong. I use it on dry patches on my face, on cracked hands, and even layered on thickly to replace moisture below my eyes. Best yet? It's spiked with Manuka honey so as it's replenishing moisture, it's also working as an anti-inflammatory." —Ali Finney, senior beauty editor

beauty products for confidence
Photo: Living Proof

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder, $29

"My hair's pretty straight, but we always want what we don't have—hence why I'm always trying to volumize my strands. A few spritzes of this make my hair look so incredibly good, full, and sexily tousled—and it's all without any crunchiness. I'm obsessed." —Rachel Lapidos, associate beauty editor

beauty products for confidence
Photo: Nars

Nars Cosmetics Blush in Peep Show, $30

"This blush is very, very pink and gives my face a glow somewhere between 'kid who just played outside in the snow for several hours' and 'drank a respectable amount of wine next to a fireplace' that makes me feel fresher, brighter, and more put-together." —Molly O'Brien, social video producer

beauty products for confidence
Photo: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Lipstick in Tulle, $29

"Lipstick always makes me feel more confident. My hair could be a mess, a pimple could be rearing its ugly head, but a coat of color on my lips instantly makes me feel more put together." —Emily Laurence, senior editor

Also, these are editor-approved dry skin moisturizers to keep your complexion hydrated this season. It's also prime time to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skin-care routine. 

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