5 Cleaning Products the Well+Good Team Swears by for a Spring Home Refresh

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed
The transitional time between winter and spring is a universally known window for tidying your space and getting your home so organized that Marie Kondo would approve. But when you finally address your spring-cleaning goals, you may look through your cabinet only to realize you need to stock up on your somewhat-lackluster supply of tools and (nontoxic!) solutions for getting that job done.

To help you choose the best things for giving your space a solid refresh, the Well+Good team just shared their favorite products. So get ready to attack that scary dark area under your stove and the ever-present dust on your windowpanes.

The Well+Good team uses these tools to keep their Zen dens fresh and clean.

Cleaning the house can help you live longer, and you can even whip up DIY cleaning solutions by using your garden.

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