These 7 Body Lotions Are the Next Best Thing to Slathering La Mer From Head to Toe

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While I treat the skin on my face with the utmost TLC, my body's constantly moving from sleep to showers and sweaty workouts, enduring pollution from the outdoors, and being stuffed into all sorts of both breathable and non-breathable materials. And yet—it doesn't get, say, a 10-step skin-care routine like my precious face does.

Really, my body skin gets to use two products, and two products only: body wash and body lotion. And because body lotion is the only one that gets to stay on my skin—as opposed to just washing down the drain—I put special care into finding ones that are the most nourishing for my skin, have the most intoxicating scents, and make the skin on my body just as healthy as that on my face.

I'm not the only one, either. My fellow beauty editors at Well+Good are also particular about the body lotions they use, especially because they cover so much surface area. To help you navigate the wide, wide world of body lotions on beauty shelves, I've rounded up our absolute favorites for our skin—including one that works double duty as a sunscreen, and one that smells like cherry blossoms.

Photo: Necessaire

Necessaire The Body Lotion, $25

"As soon as I started slathering on this body lotion, I fell in love. It's unscented, but—just like its packaging—it's chic AF. Not only does my skin drink it up immediately, but it's jam-packed with the most complexion-boosting ingredients, like all of your omegas, vitamins A through E, and antioxidants." —Rachel Lapidos, beauty and fitness editor

Photo: Kai

Kai Body Butter, $52

"First things first: Whenever I put on Kai Body Butter, people legitimately stop me in the streets to tell me how good I smell. And honestly, they're right—the scent is absolutely intoxicating, and makes me feel like I'm bathing in rose petals like that scene in American Beauty. More than that, though, I am head over heels in love with the texture. It's creamy but not goopy, and rubs into my skin, leaving it as smooth as one of those aforementioned rose petals." —Zoe Weiner, associate beauty and fitness editor

Photo: Phlur

Phlur Hanami Body Lotion, $28

"I've been a fan of clean fragrance brand Phlur's Hanami scent since the brand launched, and so I'm extremely excited that I can now wear it all over with a body lotion. I love how it's botanical-based and calming for my skin, thanks to rosehip oil and baobab, so it's like a good-for-my-body perfume. BTW—it smells like cherry blossoms." —Rachel Lapidos, beauty and fitness editor

Photo: Kiehl's

Kiehl's Creme de Corps Body Lotion, $30

"There are few beauty products that I could finish in bulk, but Kiehl's has three of them. Every Christmas, my mom buys me a liter of the coconut amino acids shampoo and conditioner and a liter of this blissful body lotion. While it takes me a beat to finish the two shower saviors (because who is washing their hair every day?), I go through the Creme de Corps body lotion in just a few months and have to re-up my supply. This lotion is extra nourishing and keeps my skin super hydrated and silky, while not feeling overly greasy on application. I'll forever sing its praises and forever have it on my countertop." —Ali Finney, beauty and fitness director

Photo: Love Beauty & Planet

Love Beauty & Planet Shea Butter And Sandalwood Hand And Body Lotion, $9

"I have a serious weakness for sandalwood, so when I found this gem on drugstore shelves, I freaked out with excitement. It's under 10 bucks, but smells so delicious—all while feeding my skin with ethically-sourced shea butter that soaks instantly into the skin with no greasiness in sight." —Rachel Lapidos, beauty and fitness editor

Photo: Supergoop!

Supergoop! Forever Young Body Butter, $34

"On days when I know I'll be spending time in the sun, I tend to opt for a lotion that's spiked with SPF to do double duty. I love this rendition from Supergoop! which taps good-for-skin oils with chemical sun filters to keep you protected and moisturized all in one go." —Ali Finney, beauty and fitness director


Photo: Ren

Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum, $42

"Like introducing your best friends and then later going to their wedding, nothing brings me greater joy that bringing two skin-care steps together. This body serum at once exfoliates with alpha hydroxy-acids and boosts hydration with xylitol." —Ali Finney, beauty and fitness director

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