Not an Egg Lover? Try These 5 Protein-Packed Egg-Free Scrambles Instead

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When it comes to easy, high-protein breakfasts, scrambled eggs are often hard to beat. But if you’re going vegan, being cholesterol-conscious, or just don’t like the taste, the Sunday morning brunch menu may seem infinitely smaller when eggs just aren’t for you.

On top of having to play menu Where’s Waldo? to find your order, there is also the question of getting in your recommended 53 grams of protein per day (for the average sedentary woman). Thankfully, while eggs are an easy and affordable source of protein, they are not the end-all, be-all when it comes to tasty protein sources. Take tofu, a common egg substitute, which possesses a whopping 10 grams of protein per half-cup serving and an ability to be prepared and seasoned in infinitely different ways. Other creative scramble alternatives that still pack in a protein punch include chickpeas, lentils, and even sweet potato.

Don't believe it? Check out these delicious egg-free scramble recipes for inspiration. You'll be saying “Egg who?” in no time.

These 5 egg-free scramble recipes are seriously no yolk

tofu southwest scramble
Photo: Minimalist Baker

1. Southwest tofu scramble

Think about the perfect breakfast burrito, and then think about it again—but this time deconstructed and without eggs. This Southwest tofu scramble has the consistency and feel of the classic scrambled eggs that you know and love with some fun spices, flavors, and veggie accessories tossed in, making it the perfect vegan breakfast dish that epitomizes the phrase, "eat colorfully."

Get the recipe: Southwest tofu scramble

chickpea scramble
Photo: Minimalist Baker

2. Chickpea scramble

While the consistency of chickpeas may not seem like an intuitive egg alternative, they can make for another great option to "scramble" if tofu isn't your thing. This Middle Eastern-inspired dish is quick and easy to make in under 30 minutes and packed with protein and antioxidants from the turmeric and leafy greens. If you like your 'eggs' a bit on the runnier side add some homemade baba ganoush to the mixture to bind everything together.

Get the recipe: Chickpea scramble

breakfast lentil egg-free scramble
Photo: Dietitian Mom

3. Breakfast lentil scramble

Vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and hearty and high in protein, this lentil scramble is a true crowd-pleasing MVP. Eat it alone, or pair it with toast or a bed of greens to start your day off with an energizing punch.

Get the recipe: Breakfast lentil scramble

vegan scramble
Photo: Loving It Vegan

4. Vegan scrambled eggs

Turns out that tofu isn't the only egg-substitute that can feel, look, and taste like eggs. This egg-free scramble uses chickpea flour, alt-milk, and spices to make the perfect doppelgänger. The best part is that it makes the perfect base to top with yesterday's roasted veggies, or whatever odds and ends you have in the back of your fridge.

Get the recipe: Vegan scrambled eggs

sweet potato egg-free scramble
Photo: One Green Planet

5. 15-minute sweet potato scramble

No matter how much you plan and how many outfits you lay on the bed the night before, mornings are busy times. So when you come across a recipe that touts 15 minutes in its title, it's only fair to latch onto it for dear life. This sweet potato scramble is more than just a beautiful color; it's also a sweeter alternative to many other egg-free scrambles. Plus, it contains lots of fiber and a decent amount of protein, making it a fantastic way to start the day.

Get the recipe: 15-minute sweet potato scramble

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