5 Healthy Ways to Eat Eggs at Lunch or Dinner

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Eggs are as versatile as they are yummy. They’re a breakfast staple, of course, but there are also loads of ways to eat eggs for lunch or dinner. And while you may have heard to opt for egg whites or limit your egg intake—neither of which, turns out, are necessary—it’s A-okay to eat an egg (or more) a day, yolk included. “Most people can enjoy up to seven eggs a week without worrying about cholesterol,” says Annie Fenn, MD, chef and founder of the Brain Health Kitchen. “Saturated fat in the diet can elevate blood cholesterol—cholesterol in foods, for most, has little impact.”

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Not only are eggs a fabulous source of complete protein,“but the yolk is where you’ll find crucial nutrients: B vitamins, folate, choline, and lutein,” Fenn says. “The yolk also brings omega-3 fatty acids, which you absolutely need for brain health.” Plus, eggs are versatile, delicious, and easy to cook, not to mention an incredible bargain, Fenn says. Here’s how she’s incorporating eggs for lunch or dinner, as well as breakfast.

Before you get cracking, hear all the reasons why eggs are healthy, straight from a dietitian: 

5 healthy ways to eat eggs for lunch or dinner

To maximize nutrients, Fenn says to opt for gentle cooking methods (think: low, slow, and indirect heat). “They’re key here to avoid oxidizing the egg’s healthy fats,” she explains.“Instead of flipping a fried egg, for example, which puts the yolk in direct contact with the pan, add a few teaspoons of water to the pan to finish cooking. The sweet spot for the yolk—molten (or a temperature of 160ºF), but no longer runny. This keeps the healthy fats intact, yet the egg is cooked through enough to ward off pathogens. Fenn also says to pair eggs with carotenoid-rich foods (tomatoes, leafy greens, vegetables) for boosted absorption of its superstar nutrients.

1. Shakshuka

This North African dish could easily be served for brunch or dinner. Vegetables of your choosing are sliced, chopped, and sauteéd in a pan over high heat. Add spices like paprika and cumin, then combine with a can of crushed whole peeled tomatoes and bring to simmer. Crack 4–6 eggs (depending on how many you’re serving) into pan, then, cover and let slowly poach. Serve with thick slices of bread to soak up all the sauce.

2. Jammy eggs over quinoa

For an on-the-go delight that doesn’t skimp on delicious flavor, make a batch of perfectly boiled eggs. “[I love] cooking a perfect jammy eggs, halfway between soft and hard boiled,” Annie says. “Halve and sprinkle with za’atar on a bed of quinoa.” It seriously takes just nine minutes: Drop eggs in water that is boiling over medium-high heat. Let them gently boil for 7 minutes. Then, using a slotted spoon, place the eggs in a bowl of ice water for two minutes.

3. Niçoise plate

Another way to incorporate jammy eggs for lunch or dinner is by turning them into a simple, elegant, and brain nourishing Niçoise plate. To make, quarter your eggs and serve them with olive-oil packed tuna, olives, and boiled new potatoes, Fenn says.

4. Egg over buckwheat crepe

Rather than make breakfast for dinner by making an omelette, “slide a gently-cooked sunny-side-up egg over a buckwheat crepe with a fridge-clean-out of sauteéd vegetables.

5. Frittata

An egg-based casserole is a quick and easy mid-day meal in the making (that’ll taste just as good for dinner or the next day for breakfast). We love this Green Persian Frittata (aka Kuku Sabzi). When it comes to eggs, the sky—or the fridge, really—is the limit.

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