This $10 Skin-Care Discovery Kit Lets You Try a Dozen Bestsellers

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Here at Well+Good, we're always on the hunt for an epic skin-care deal. Let's not beat around the bush—skin care is expensive. So when, say, a brand-name retinol or premium vitamin C serum goes on sale, we're bound to bite. Well, we just found a godsend of holy proportions you're gonna want to add to your cart. The Eight Saints Discovery Kit ($10) lets you sample not one, but 12 clean beauty products for a supremely reasonable price.

Each 12-piece Discovery Kit includes mini samples of its best-sellers, like its Pep Rally Serum, Cloud Whip C Cream, and Coast is Clear Toner, for just $10. Yep, you read that right—$10. For just $10, you can score up to $60 off all-star skin products (check out the full list here), the entirety of which is made with all-natural formulas guaranteed to skin a much-needed boost.

Eight Saints Discovery Kit — $10.00

$60 worth of skincare products for just $10—and it’s got it all.

In case you're new to the brand, here's the 411.  Eight Saints is a skin-care brand that's dedicated to "providing truth and clarity in natural, effective skin care." The name "Eight Saints" comes from the brand using eight clean, natural ingredients, aka "saints" proven to save skin again and again. From its face creams down to its cleansers, all its products contain at least one of the following: antioxidants, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C, MSM, glycolic acid, and squalane. There are no synthetics, toxins, or ingredients tested on animals—Eight Saints ethos focuses on just the good stuff.

Now, you can get your hands on some heavenly products for just $10. That's like, two Starbucks drinks, or half a sandwich in Times Square. For $10, you can sample 12 of the brand's best-sellers, including three different cleansers, three face creams, and a smattering of other goodies.

Our faves? The Soulmate Brightening Treatment ($68) is loaded with both hyaluronic and glycolic acids that leave your face feeling angelic. The Seeking C Serum ($48) is fabulous too, leaving the skin clearer and brighter as it brings down inflammation. Oh, and the Night Shift Peptide Gel ($48) gives sleepy skin a dreamy night of rest with each and every wear. Now you don't have to choose—try all three to figure out if they're right for you before you splurge.

TBH, we want them all—which is why we'll definitely be adding the Eight Saints Discovery Kit to our cart. Between the cute, reusable case, a $20 off coupon, and 12 samples designed to bless your skin with healthy benefits? It's like the skin-care gods answered all our prayers.

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