You’re Probably Not Washing Your Tub Thoroughly—This Viral Electric Scrubber Will Make Sure It’s Squeaky Clean at All Times

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Ask people what their least favorite chore is, and you're likely to find that cleaning the bathroom is at the top of the list. Not surprising as smelly toilets, dried, toothpaste-encrusted sinks, and moldy bathroom tiles do drive a really hard bargain for favorite chore. But the hardest thing to clean (ahem... the bathtub) can be especially grueling on your knees and lower back, making it gross and painful. Fortunately, #cleantok—which boasts 61.5 billion views on TikTok—is here to the rescue. There, you'll find tons of inspo on DIY cleaning hacks and lifesaving tools, including this viral electric bathtub scrubber which will make cleaning the bathroom much less of a chore.

A tool you didn't know you needed, this electric scrubber is basically a Dyson for your bathtub. Featuring four interchangeable brush heads that spin at rapid speed, this scrubber forces stubborn stains and debris out from bathroom tiles and takes the grunt work out of cleaning. The attachments clip onto a cordless, extendable handle that extends up to 46.4 inches, kissing crouching, kneeling, and back pain goodbye. Bonus points for the  angled brush that makes cleaning hard-to-reach cracks and small crevices a breeze. When you're done, its slim design makes it easy to store in tight places, like under the sink or in the linen closet.

Like every viral product we swoon over these days, this electric bathtub scrubber had a moment on TikTok after user Chelsea Sanso (@chelseanatics), posted a video of the tool that's since garnered 5.1 million views.

@chelseanatics #cleantok #home #houseoftiktok ♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre

It's got a strong fanbase on Amazon, too, with promising reviews praising everything from its simplistic design to how well it alleviates chore-induced pain. "I ordered this electric scrubber because I'm having problems with tendonitis in my right forearm from overuse in the yard, around the house, etc," wrote one Amazon customer. "Because of that I kept putting off scrubbing my tile shower floor (it's those mini tiles with lots of grout around them that start looking a bit grungy when not cleaned on a regular basis)... until I found this miracle of a tool on my favorite shopping site! OMG, I should have bought this way earlier! My shower floor has never looked so clean! No more elbow grease and pain in the forearm!"

Another raved about the battery life and how simple it was to swap out the different brushes: "I use this product to clean the shower and bathroom area mainly. The different scrub brushes make it easy to clean the entire bathroom with ease and a quick change of head. The scrubbing power has been great at getting any soap scum off [of] the shower walls... It took about five minutes to put the entire thing together and set up. The rechargeable battery lasts a long time and the swiveling head makes it easy to get into smaller spaces." 

Other promising Amazon reviews: 

  • "I love this thing! I hope it lasts a long time! I've used it to clean my tub, shower walls, lower cabinets I can't get at, and corners and along my baseboards. This is a fabulous invention. It has saved my my back and knees!"
  • "[The] spin scrubber is easy to use and assemble. Comes with multiple attachments to clean all those hard to reach places. Great for cleaning the bathroom. Love that it's cordless and the extendable handle—awesome for us shorties..."
  • "Having a white bathroom without a fan needs a lot more attention and deep cleaning than most bathrooms. After trying multiple cleaners and brushes, this product completely saved my bathroom. Being able to reach the ceiling and hard to reach corners without standing on something was a game changer. It got out hard stains that I thought was there permanently. Very happy with the results of my first use of this product and definitely recommend." 
  • "Makes cleaning a walk-in shower easy and keeps you from getting soaked."

Make those bathroom chores less of a chore with the Teliaskin Electric Spin Scrubber—your knees and lower back will thank you.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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